New processing time for family reunification visa from the Philippines

Hello. Has anyone saw this update on udi's website? … &c=phl

Yes. Now it takes 5 months for them to finish processing family immigration cases. I'm in my 5th month of waiting now and still no result yet :(  :(  :(

When did submit peachy12?

Hi, Im on my 5th month of waiting as well. I called them a few weeks ago to check on my status and asked a few questions as I had plans of traveling. Only then that I found out, that they didnt have my papers on que. The police station where I submitted my documents had made another DUF number as supposed to what I already had. I suggest, you try to call and ask for update. I know, its already stated in the  website but had I not called them, I would have been waiting since forever.

Whoa! That is such a waste of time.. 5 months and your papers not processed at all?! I've got no words... But, did you submit in Norway or Philippines? You mentioned police station so it must be in Norway..

I agree. That's a waste of time. They could have just at least informed you that they have made a new DUF to your application. Good thing you called them.
In my case, my fiancé already followed up with UDI this month and told him that my application is still on queue. They cannot give any further answer as to when will it be processed.  :(

Exactly! I was soo frustrated with them but what can I do? just wait, anyway. I submitted it in Norway., yes.

I have been applied for renewal of family immigration, the problem is i give them the wrong email to receive the decesion, is there someone to help me how to change the email address, or should i call the police here in norway?, is it a problem if im put the wrong email address there?

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