Job skills transfer

Hi everyone
New to this forum as my husband and I have just started talking about a move to Malta. (He is just about to start claiming his Maltese citizenship as his dad was Maltese and moved to Canada before he was born).
ANyway - purpose of post, hubby is a Registered Massage Therapist here in Toronto, Canada and this is a career he would be thinking to continue in Malta. Is there any formal certification processes for massage therapists there/would overseas training be recognised and is it a desirable skill set/busy market?

Thank you


I pay 15 Euro per hour for a massage from time to time, nothing special, just back and shoulders. My massage therapist told me he had to start his own business since the salary he received as an employee in a salon was not sufficient for a living.
No idea if it's possible to transfer the certificate, since Malta has a lot of own certificates. Employment in this sector seem not to be very desirable and as self-employed the only thing that counts are the skills, not the papers.

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