How do I get MOI refund if its not showing in bank accounts.

Hello Guys,

I had to apply for family visa, but by mistake I paid fees for Dependent Visa. I need to get the money back. Its 2000 SAR. I had to pay another 2000 SAR for family visa. I have been trying to get refund through the banking portal and ATM, but i end up getting a message no payment found. But on the Absher when I make payment enquiry I can see my funds there.
I approached the bank but they too were unable to give me an explanation and drove me off to the Jawazat Office.
I approached the Jawazat office, but there too no body gave a heed to my situation and showed me the direction towards Istaqdam Office.

I haven’t been to the Istaqdam Office yet. And I am not sure what reply am I going to get from them. I have reported a complaint on the absher portel for the same. I am waiting for their reply.

If any body has faced such a situation or knows a solution to my problem, please help me out as 2000 SAR is not a small amount.

All your replies are highly appreciated.         


you need to issue an account transaction history statement. it should have the detailed information on your transaction. take it to the bank and ask for the refund, don't leave unless you get a clear answer or talk to the branch manager, ask them to give you a letter addressed to the Jawazat (passport office) if they cannot solve your problem. and take that letter to use as a point of start.

Good luck!


Hello,  So did you find any solution for this issue?

Had a similar situation however for 400 Riyals, initially paid under a wrong option while applying for family visa.

Till today I can see the amount in the Absher Public Query Funds as Passport Fee deposited with MOI.

However when I try to get this refund by selecting various options in the online bank account, for every combination of Biller Group and Billed Payment Type, the bank system shows "no payment available".

So without any way forward the amount is still stuck online and visible in Absher.

Please go to your bank online system.  Select the same option of Associate Fee . But instead of payment select refund option. I have done it couple of time.

NaeemBhatti :

Please go to your bank online system.  Select the same option of Associate Fee . But instead of payment select refund option. I have done it couple of time.

Well have tried that , still the same message. Infact the original fee deposited in 2015 was not under the head of associate fee. In Absher dashboard it is shown as "Passport Deposit", I am not sure what was the option selected mistakenly while making the transaction in the past.

But now I tried with all possible combinations of getting the amount back by using various options, the bank system keeps on showing "no payment available".

There is possible reason that if you pay from different accounts, and sum of amount show into your passport deposit. And at the time of cut amount by moi they cut all amount from 1st account and if you tried from that account it will shows no refund
Example - as i paid 4370 for dependent fee( actual need to pay 4197) from my account and company pay 650 for iqama fee. Then if moi lock 4197+174=4370 from my account and 470 from company account, then 174 shows in absher under passport deposit but i can not refund it from my acount . Company can refund it.

Not clear what do you want to emphasize in your statement.

But one thing is certain, you can refund the levy of your dependent before the deadline payment SMS to you by MOI. Any excess payment you've made will be credited as available fund to your Absher/MOI account.

Whatever amount deposited by your company for your passport, you have no business on it.

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