Work as a photographer in Malaysia

Dear fellow expats,

I would like to know if I could approach you for some advice.
I have been living now in Malaysia for the last 3 years and work in the financial services industry where I also have my working permit from. End of this year I am getting married with my beautiful fiancee who is a Malaysian citizen.

I would like to know if there is a chance for an expat to work as a photographer in Malaysia and start a business or work as a freelancer. I still plan to keep my current job at the financial services industry and work as a photographer from my free time. I have done couple of wedding shoots for friends with no charges but I have gotten to a place that I constantly get emails from friends friends who have seen my previous shoots and now theywant me to take photos in their wedding or an event.

I am in a point where I do get inquiries where I do not want to work for nothing and thats why I am looking if there is any way a foreigner can start a photography business so everything would go through books and I pay my taxes.

I have seen the link  -malaysia/
It says Types Of Businesses Not Permitted For Foreigner in Malaysia and Photography Services is included there.

I understand the fact that these are types of jobs that Malaysians can do themselves, but starting a small business etc would in the future would possibly lead me to hire Malaysian to work for me.
What are the ways to go about this situation and what should I do.


If you decide to get a Long Term Social Visit Pass on the grounds of your marriage, I think it would be possible for your spouse to set up a business in which you could work part-time.  Suggest you may want to ask the question on the FB Group that has been set up to support spouses of Malaysians with their immigration and other matters:

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