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Hi All

I've received a draft contract for a position in Jakarta on a 12 month fixed term contract, I'm an Engineer from the UK.

I've reviewed the contract and I'm shortlisting some questions for the employer but I want to ask the right questions.

1. Under the "Leave" section the clause states: "The remuneration rate has been calculated to compensate you for any leave and for (non-working) public holidays you may be entitled to under policy or statute, to the extent this is possible under law." - this is not clear to me. How much annual leave would i get? and would I be paid for it or is it unpaid?

2. There is no mention of sick leave anywhere in the contract. another clause does mention that if i dont work my contracted weekly hours of 48 hours, i would be deducted for each day by 1/22 of the monthly income. does that suggest i dont get paid sick leave? is this normal in Indonesia?

3. One clause states that the employer is liable for any personal income tax and social benefits insurance. Is there a chance I could get stung by UK tax authority after I return? Does start and end date of employment influence this? UK financial year is April to April, so it might be in my best interest to commence my employment before April? Is this something I should consider?

Your advice would be appreciated.


As far as I know there isn't a tax agreement between the UK and Indonesia but you can check this through the UK gov site online. You are legally working here then you will get a tax code and have to pay tax and finding out how much might be a challenge but your employer will tell you. You should also ask about when you leave and how the tax process ends as again that might not be clear and being indoensia won't be clearly explained.
Sick entitlement isnt a given here although there should be some mention of it. You should ask and then ask why not.
Employers do make the wording in English here quite complicated so ask them for the Indonesian copy of as they should have and try find a translator in your home country who could decipher it for you. I have seen contracts here full of big words but no message and when asked it's all smiles and nods.
You should know that verbally discussing the contract can also be regarded as part of the final terms and conditions yet they aren't written down so recorded all meetings you have over this contract.
Ultimately if ask questions your employer should tell you the truth or what they think you want to hear so record it and if you still like the offer and agree to it whatever the outcome then anything that happens will be your issue not theirs.
I am not trying to scare you just explaining my opinions from contracts seen and heard about whilst being here.

The big message from this is, don't expect UK employment law because you won't get it.
That's the downside. The upside is salaries are very often very, very high when compared to locals so you're very well off financially.


I am not sure about your contract but I can tell you what's in mine as its quite similar.

1) There is no leave. What's in the contract is one week off for every Quarter plus air tickets. They are open on emergencies or days which you may have to take off for other tasks.

2) Sick leave is not mentioned but they are open as long as you inform someone. Medical is per claim.

3) I think Indonesia and UK has a Double Taxation Agreement  You will only need to pay tax in one country on the same income. Please google for the copy of the agreement as every country is different.

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