family reunion refused

My husband applied for visa last year in sept 2017. After 5 months of waiting his visa application got refused. I submit in the file papers of my father's house but I did'nt know I needed also to add some proof that we can live there free of cost. That was the reason they wrote in the letter.
What can I best do know?
Re- apply or appeal?
What exactly does appeal means? How long would it take and can this reverse rejection to acception of visa?

They also wrote that they did not examined the other documents. I am confused if we correct this mistake and reapply they would find another mistake what will we do then?

Thank you


While understanding your "distress", if you had taken the time to read all the articles already published on this site, you would have understood that you are not a unique case.

This issue of obtaining a visa is endemic. And that will not go down. Because the Belgian administrative services are overwhelmed by issues related to the near-invasion of African migrants ...

In 99% of the cases, a file is refused following a poorly prepared file. In addition to the e-mails of complaint / clarification, the administration receives dozens per day. And in nine out of ten cases. they are rejected automatically.

Take everything back to zero and analyze everything. But above all do not give in to the American mentality of taking a lawyer. This is the worst thing to do unless you can prove with certainty that the refusal of your file is due to the malevolence of someone.

The best is to apply again. Appeal is when they reject your visa with an unreasonable explanation. Here, they make it very clear that they did not see any document saying you can stay in your family home. In a normal case, a letter (clearly stating you and your spouse can live there rent-free, provided the house has enough space) signed by the home owner is enough proof.

About other documents, go carefully through the checklist and make sure you have all other required documents in place.

hello I truly need to know something  .i applied D visa on 25th May  2017 they took 7 months before calling me for interview on 23November 2017 is when they called l for interview ,then earlier this year on 15th February 2018I ask my hubby to send email asking how is the process going only for them to text after few days  saying the visa was rejected  on March 5th ..they rejected after 10 months ..I went to pick my passport on Monday 9th March 2018 only to find out they didn't return my original documents.and a rejection letter saying they don't trust my intentions of going to Belgium they that they think I only want to use my hubby to get visa.and also they talk about Age different .about work ..but they didn't say anything about the documents I submitted.all the documents was okay .I am really confused and I don't know what to do so I can join my hubby in Belgium..kindly help


first point we will clarify the situation. This site is not a legal aid office.

In the second point 99% of the times the administration refuses a file is because it was poorly prepared.

In third point the administration always provides the coordinates to be able to dispute the decision.

And last thing, the administrative services are overloaded because of illegal immigration.

So at the least illogical detail and / or may reveal a possible marriage of convenience ...

I would suggest try to show as much proofs as possible of your relationship with your husband to convince them that its not fake. Regards

Does anybody knows who has the authority to grant visa? Is it the Belgium embassy in foreign country or the dienst vreemdelingenzaken? My husband applied family reunion in India and on the website of VFS this is written as processing time:
Further, the processing time as a general rule, a decision will be taken by the Embassy/Consulate within 15 days from the date appearing on the stamp affixed to your travel document and indicating that your application is admissible. However, this deadline may be extended up to 30 days and even, exceptionally, 60 days, if a more detailed examination of your application and/or additional documents are required. In that case, your application will be sent to the Aliens Office in Belgium, which will take the final decision.

Could anyone please decode this for me, I am not getting this.


It has been mentioned many a time in various threads in this forum. If the Belgian consulate in your home country cannot make a decision on your file or feels that your application needs further investigation or verification and approval from ministry of foreign affairs in Belgium, then the file is sent to Belgium. Timelines depend on if the file is sent to Belgium or not.

Hi, after 7 working days I have my passport with visa.I applied for Visa D too in Manila. i advice, it is better to reapply than to appeal. Appeal is long and costly.
And in your next application, make sure you justify the reason why your husband got denied. Attach any proof that you can live with your parents and it is free.. you can attach a letter from your father..  and additional docs: attach proof from you and your husband (photos, chatLogs, hotel confirmation, tickets, stamps, etc.)

God bless you. Hope this help.

Hi Aneesh

Thank you for the reply!
Do you have any idea if first time visa got refused then second time they will certainly send the file to Belgium or are there chances the embassy in India self give the visa? Because it's been more than a month since my husband applied visa for the second time. The status didn't change after the file was dispatched to the Belgium embassy.


Most likely your file will be sent to Belgium again. No other way than to wait :(

Same here i've applied my wife visa for second time & my file has been send to belgium for investigation of my documents. there is no any other way than waiting for it. Minimum time for reunions visa is  5-6 month but it can go farther up to 9month only  if you have a belgium nationality. Good luck

Hi upadhyaya

And after submission when you could see that her file is sent to Belgium? I have belgian nationalty, and it's been more than a month I see same status that the file is dispatched to embassy for processing.

Thank you Aneesh for writing back. It' s so difficult to wait when you don't know what's gonna be th result. 😔

I know it's hard :( but it is what it is. Hope for the best !!

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Greetings of the day.

My case is exactly same like yours.

My wife is Belgian born citizen and lived with her parents when I had applied for my family reunion visa under art.40ter. We gave bills that had my wife's name and address as a proof of accommodation.
We did attach a covering letter stating that I would be staying with them once I reach Belgium.

After 5 and a half months of waiting, my application got rejected. It was heart breaking and very unfortunate.

Now my wife has taken an apartment on rent, got it registered on her name and I have applied again with fresh set of papers a month ago.

I would be thankful if you could share any inputs of how much time they'll take to make a decision for a re-application.
Will it be again almost 6 months or we can hope for a faster processing time?


My husband reapplied in March we are still waiting for the decision!  We have also submitted the letter written by my parents along with house papers, gezinssamenstelling and photos of the bedrooms. I asked a lawyer and he said that was sufficient but your visa application got rejected now I'm scared. :(

Answer to your question is yes they take maximum 6 months for reapplications also.


The invitation letter stating that I'll be living at their home once I reach Belgium was signed by my wife.
It used to work for my tourist visa application all the time but it didn't work for family reunion procedure.

Yours is a better prepared file as the letter is signed by your parents with the papers of the house attached along with it. It should be enough to prove as sufficient proof of accommodation once your husband is in Belgium.
And also...
If the lawyer says it is fine then I guess it must be.

I hope, wish and pray that you are united with your husband as soon as possible.
I know how it feels to be separated from your partner for such a long time after marriage.

I applied again on 22-06-18.
File sent to Belgium on 03-07-18.

The Belgian embassy in New Delhi has given me the file number but it is not showing on the dofi website for me to track,yet.
It's been almost a month now and I'll have to wait for few more days to see any progress.

I will keep you posted if I hear any news about my application. It would be of great help if you could share the same on this forum as well.


Hi Aabhaas
My husband applied in March and his file was sent to Belgium in April. But the status was same on the VFS website, in May I sent an email to dofi then they provided me the new tracking number. Embassy in Delhi didn't bother to reply on the mails. And the status didn't change on VFS's website, even now it's showing that the file is in embassy.

It's really depressing to wait but let's hope for the best :)
I'll post again after I get any news from dienst vreemdelingenzaken.


It's been five months since my husband reapplied for family reunion. His file shows in process status. I'm currently eight months pregnant. Expected delivery date is in September. Is there any way my husband can get visa before the due date? I really want him to be with me at the time of our baby's birth. If I request dienst vreemdelingenzaken, would that be a good idea or will they ask more proofs ? I don't have much time to collect proofs or for other paperwork. My doc nd gynaec can write a letter for me.
Do you think that can speed up the process or increase the chances of approval?

(We did'nt mention anything about pregnancy in the file!)


Hi Khkp,

Stop stressing for nothing. You will soon give birth, it's perfect. Your husband will recognize the child who will automatically obtain Belgian nationality. And your child will automatically entitle you to the resident status card F.


Try making a calculation on a excel, with what is  her minim. fixed expenses(needs), minus the monthly earnings, show the rent savings monthly since she stays with her parents. you can add bills if any, also the bank statement.

I know it is so obvious , but it was suggested by a lawyer.

Hope this will help!

Hi Phipiemer

I'm not concerned if my husband will recognize the child or not :) he loves us both, no doubt! It's just that we want to be together on the day of baby's birth. I've Belgian citizenship, we are waiting for my husband's visa! I wanted to send dofi an email but was not sure, should I do this or not.

So, sorry for mistake but it's not changing the situation. As soon he's recognize the child. He will receive a F card.

We done the same for my wife.

I don't see anything wrong in writing to DOFI explaining your situation and requesting to prioritize your file.

Hi Aneesh
What can they ask as a proof? I can arrange doc's letter without any problem. But what else can they ask for? I'm afraid they'll ask for something which will take long time to arrange and I will mess up the whole procedure.
Do you have any idea about this?

A doctors letter will be the best proof. I dont think they will ask anything more in this situation.

My husband got his visa today :)
Thank you everyone for the help!



In how many days did you get a reply??

It took five and half months but we're happy with the decision :)

Khkp wrote:

My husband got his visa today :)
Thank you everyone for the help!


Woohoo ! Congrats !!

Thank you Aneesh :)

Congratulations. That's a very good news.

Aabhaas Walia wrote:

Congratulations. That's a very good news.

Thank you :) I hope you'll also get a good news this time!

Can u share the email where you sent your doctor's letter or the mailing address...


I didn't send the email yet, we got the decision before I could send the letter.
But you can send it to [email protected]


I got my visa refusal today☹️
May I know, that on second time your husband applying visa, you need to pay 200€ again and submit every document again? Since I know the immigration will not giving back your original documents.
Thank you

I got my visa refusal today☹️
May I know, that on second time your husband applying visa, you need to pay 200€ again and submit every document again? Since I know the immigration will not giving back your original documents.
Thank you

Yes. You have to pay the fees again and submit all your new documents if you want to re apply. Start everything from scratch with better set of papers.

Okay, thank you