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Iam sanskar Tripathi

Iam from India ,iam persuing three years degree course in hotel managment & present iam in final year).i need some suggestion that how caan i get a job in philippins in hotel industry permanent full time job i am needed i have five year experience of working in many properties in India. please someone give me some suggestion about this iam very tired of trying and searching for job in philippins from last many years i need help  its very very important for me to get a job in philippins and to shift there.

hope to get a positive reply
sanskar tripathi

Why Philippines?  You have 5 years experience in India.

its really a very personal problem but i have to solve it at any cost please try to give me some suggestion so that i can solve my problems.

i cant find a single person to whome i can ask for help i am ready to do but i need someone who tell me what i have to do

You need to prove to some management In  the Philippines that they should hire a person who has never been to the country rather than a native who speaks English and the local languages.  Good luck.

you wasting your time looking for jobs here, you are Indian your chance is 000
jobs here are for Philippines only, so they you go, means no job for you,

In hotel management many Filipinos go abroad because not enough jobs in tourism in the Philippines... So good luck for you!

Actually you are not getting any information nor any one who can help, simply because it  is indeed as stated by the above replies difficult to get a job in the Philippines. Your chances are very low and unlikely that you would find an employer welling to grant you a position. As said, most of the Filipinos look abroad for jobs in fields such as tourism as a good handful graduate each year from that specific filed.

But not to entirely lose hope, you did be able to find a job in the many BPO's companies as they are mostly on the look out for expats who speak a different language (bilingual)

Are you fluent in Spanish, French, Korean or any language besides English?

Call Centers would hire you if you're fluent in another language besides English.

Im a German Nativ live in Cebu City. I’m interested to work. You can contact me if you have something like that in Cebu City. Best regards

The job is for freelancers and can be done online.    For details, please check out

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