AirBnB in Thailand. Dream or Real?

Dear Colleagues,

I am planning to move to Thailand for at least a year. While I am in process of negotiating with prospective employers, I am also thinking about additional ways of making extra $$.

I will be starting from an internship, as it is the easiest way to start, however, the problem is that it is also a barely paid one.  In fact, I have to pay for an internship and then will get around 8k BHT a month, which is almost nothing.

I have been reading about AirBnB laws in Thailand, and it looks like it is possible if my condo does not have any regulations in regards to it. But clearly, asking a landlord or condo administration wether they're ok with or not is a delicate matter. Therefore, I'd like to ask a couple of advices from people who have already started hosting. Share your stories, what are the pros & cons, possible life hacks and etc?

The other question is would it be legal for me on a student visa to be an AirBnB host?

Thanks everyone for participations!
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Condo's that are rented for less than 30 days are in violation of the Hotel Act unless building is registered as hotel (Condotel).

Also renting condo out on a daily basis might be regarded as conducting a commercial business and consequently violate the Condominium Act, which forbids commercial activities, and in the case of foreigners the Foreign Business Act could be applied.

You also have the fact very few people declare and pay any taxes on rental income which is also against the law.

Thanks for you reply, Straydog!

So, if AirBnB is not an option, can there possibly be any other legal ways to make extra cash?
Will be thankful for any advices

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