Name change in US

Anyone have tips on what to turn in to US after marriage in TUNISIA?

You'll have to file with the state and social security for a name change. Then get a new passport.

Take my advice.....Don't change your name. In Tunisia we keep our family name and on our if cards it lists us ad 'spouse's meaning wife of......that way bank account  passports etc do not need to be changed

Did u mean ur family name ?

Yes  I mean your surname.  It will save you heartache later on

Hello, great question!
I am moving to Tunis, on a work contract, hopeful by June. My fiance is Algerian and we will joining me from Bouria wr plan to be getting married in July. If anyone has any advice for us on the process of marriage in Tunisia, it would be greatly appreciated.
He is Algerian, I am American, getting married in Tunis, Tunisia


What do you need to know? There are heaps of posts on this but am happy to answer you with specifics

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