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I have started looking online at real estate rentals and sales.  Is Vivanuncios one of the better options or what sites do you recommend to search properties.

I am open to all areas, I like the Yucatan area but Guanajuato is appealing too.

We will be on pension.


Hi, JG

I'm Jan.  Have lived in Guanajuato 20 years and am about to retire here. Still love it!  A lot of people come down having rented something on line, often paying a lot more than if they'd come in person and done a physical search. There are some local newspapers, word of mouth, for rent/sale signs and bulletin boards as well as some realtors (pay more with them, probably, too).  I would encourage you to come down, stay in a hotel or short-term rental, then look around.  That way, you'll really get a feel for the areas that appeal to you and learn about local prices.  Sorry not to be more specific, but I hope this idea helps!

Yes Viva is a good site. I live in Merida and involved in real estate here, if you wish to message me.

Looking for nice, small home on or block from beach to rent. Can I expect to find for $1000-1500 USD/month?  Thank you

Sorry. Rosarita Beach

You might start looking here. … 55563.html

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