Possible moving to Yanbu

Hello everyone ,
Firt of all thank you for giving us the chance to join here i see helpful answers but every person has own situation but moreover everyone is thinking of safety family children etc.

Possible my husband will get a job offer in a yanbu don’t know yet much details however i would please ask your kind help in answering few queries such
1. my daughter is in KG1  british curiculum and want to find a british curiculum if possible.
2. we for 3 bedroom in Royal Comissiining Area could be flat or small villa or if they have buildings where women can avail something with kids or any ladies gym.
3. can ladies work and what are the works they can usually do i believe not direct jobs maybe companies or school will be ok if i am not wrong.
4. i understand hat from august ladies will be able to drive shall i get inquiries about that or just wait to come there . how ladies travel with kids to mall if hisband busy is it safe to go alone with kids ? 

Thank you so much in advance and thank you once again admin .

Hi, I was wondering if you ended up moving to Yanbu and how your experience has been so far. I am moving there soon and am having hard time finding information.

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