company that lends loan to expats?

Hi.. can somebody help me? Who knows of someone or a company that lends loan to expats? It's quite an urgent need back home. Thank you.

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Assuming you have a KITAS or KITAP and you meets the requirements of the bank in question, there are plenty of legal places you can get a loan from.
Sending the money out of the country is likely to get you refused as the banks will weigh up the risks and chances of getting their money back if you default.
A loan for a car leaves them with something to get a return on, but an unsecured loan leaves them with nothing.
There are plenty of illegal loan sharks around but your chances of arrest or broken legs means such people are a very bad idea.
You'll also see notices everywhere for loans but the rates are mad at best and they deal in low numbers only. Their legality is questionable.

Thank you very much..

I get it..actually it's just for this time..a temporary one..but thank you for the info..

Loans are always temporary. Telling the bank that it is temporary and that you plan to pay them back won't work.

How much do you need?

Thanks for the reply. Yes I understand that. It's around 10 Million.

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