EP Pending for almost 3 months(83 days)

Hi Everyone,

My employer has applied for the EPass on 30th Nov and after almost 3 months it is still pending.
There is no communication from MoM. MoM asked for some letter from the HR withing 20 days of application and it was provided by HR. After providing the required letter it has been more than 2 months and  EP is still pending.

I am having 2 year and 10 months of experience( at the time of application it was 7 months) in data analytics field and graduated from NIT.

Most of the cases I read here are getting EP after waiting for 1-2 months.
Is there any case where people got visa after 3 months or is there any case where MoM never gave any conclusion on approval or rejection and kept it pending forever.

I would suggest to request your employer to check with MoM for an update. If it’s already 2 months since your employer provided documents to MoM, then high time check with MoM for an update. Good luck

We heard of a few cases that took 3 or even 4 months, but that is rare.
MoM will make a conclusion at some point - no case is left open forever.
As Surya said: Your employer should ask MoM about the delay.

I have checked with the HR and they have the usual response that MoM is not giving any reason and you will get it in next few days, is there any method to directly contact the MoM and ask for the update.

Your company's HR contacting MoM is the right way.
So there is nothing more you can do but wait.

Surya and beppi, finally after a long long wait my ep got approved after 93 days.
Thanks guys for your inputs.

Congratulations - and thanks for informing us!

Hi, i recently got offered a job as well and now pending for my EP to be approved. With all these info, its starting to make me freak out a little. Although it has only been 12 days and my employer said most likely will be out by this week but all these 3-4 months waiting is it considered normal? I understand its case to case basis as well.

Btw do MOM have a soecific time for us to check for our status? Like end day or start of the day? Any comments?


Congratulations !!
I read your post regarding 83 days for EP approval and I am a bit worried. I am also waiting for EP approval , it has been more than 2 weeks.

Could you share some additional information like
1. Offered salary ?
2. Employer details - MNC / Startup & which industry?

1 - 2 months is normal, the longer (and shorter) cases are exceptional.
Your employer can ask about the status at any time.

You can check after working hour i.e. post 5:30pm to see if status has changed. But there is no specific time as it can update within office hours as well. Good luck

Thank you benpi & surya

All the best to everyone applying to work in Sg. May this experience bring greater value to self development and life learning!

Keep you guys posted if my EP has been approved!

Hey exactly same thing i have

In my case i'm waiting EP for 49 days but still i check online by application number but still the result no record found,atleast pending status show means may be i try to wait more another days but now what i do,why view no record found,if any reson for that,and i'm also check next and befor application number the result are gave but my number is no record found ,what happened?

No record found means there is no application with that number.
Either you got the number wrong, or they didn’t apply.

Ok sir,but why mom ignore some application number

What do you mean by MoM ignoring some numbers? If an application number doesn’t exist in their system then how they will accept the number?

If a number shows invalid or no records found that means, that number doesn’t exist in their record.

Hi All,

Sir i applied E pass on 06'Feb but now am crossed 52 days  but still now status pending. wat am doing for the  further move .

Unfortunately there isn't much you can do but wait - or cancel the application and look for another job.
Your employer could contact MoM and ask for the reasons of the delay. They might or might not get an answer.

thanks sir

Sir, MoM will take actual 1-2 month .so expect holiday & Sunday or not? i think am expecting this week for status will changed.

It can be longer or shorter than 1-2 months. Just wait!

Hey Vickyjaya. How is your status now? Still waiting? With me, already a month pass :(...I really hope that it will not take 3 months....Very worried...

still now 57 days I crossed but hope that ...some cases taken 3 or 4 months so  don't worried luqq.some cases 90 days will be taken for mom approval.am also wait for the mom approval .

Yeah, I read some cases take 3-4 months but this is not usual..I think most of ppl take visa between 1-2 months...rarely goes beyond that...Im hoping anytime to get it :).

I am also waiting more than 80 days

Happy to say after 2 rejections( company errors) I got my ep approved :). 1st Time 12 days waiting, 2nd rejection 30 days wait and then 11 days to be approved. Good luck to everyone

Hi ludiq999,

Congratulations! Would you mind sharing what were the company errors that lead to 2 rejections?


Congratulations, ludiq999! I'd also like to know what these company errors were. Appreciate if you could share :-)

Hi All. Well, thanks for the congratulations :). 1st time I am not sure what the company messed up(I am imagine something very silly administrative thing). 2nd time it was in the period when a lot of us were not able to check up our status(no records found). So not really sure also what was the reason. After that I got the approved in 11 days. Howver the whole process start to finish is 2 months and 3 days. (first application was on 14 of Feb). Good luck to everyone. Cant wait to go to Singapore as a worker(not vacationer).

Hi all, my EP has been applied on April 5th and now still pending...
I was quite worrying at the beginning since MOM mentions on their website for most of the cases it took 3 weeks...

Hi Yvonne,

As a lot of people mentioned 3weeks it’s just basic expectation. Give them some couple of weeks more. Good luck

Yup. My EP was applied on 9th of April - We should at least give 2 months to MoM

HI Guys, my EP is still pending but has been applied Feb 6th (90 days).anyone is there for more then 3 months .pls share your info.

Mine is also pending from Feb 6th.

My DP has been pending for 4 months (yes that is four months!!!) and counting...

DP pending 4 months that’s absurd. Did you check with your employer who can reach out MoM or you can contact them for quick response. Good luck

Yep, agree. My company has been checking with MOM and they keep giving the same response: “we are still reviewing”. This DP has been approved before. Not sure what the problem is this time. Hoping for positive news soon...

Hi, my EP has been pending for more than 5 weeks.
MOM came back to me asked for some academic documents, I have submitted last Tuesday (May 8), when can I expected to hear back from them?


Depending on whether MoM needs further information or they want to verify those documents through a vetting agency (it will take longer to get confirmation from the educational institution or previous employer or any other party), it may take a week to a month. Good luck

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