Looking for a domestic or helper in our home

I just arrived and am looking for a domestic
Any thoughts?

Very easy, very fast and no cost.
Go to the Farmer's Market, the bigger one because they have several, beyond Lazimpat there, which is held every Saturday.
You are french, I believe. So talk to that wonderful cheese man, who's french, and Fred, the bread and croissant man, who's also french and those french girls who also run a guesthouse in Ktm....and get them to recommend someone. They'll find you a good candidate in no time flat, I am sure.
Don't waste your time with ads in the paper or useless and inefficient local employment agency anything.
Vive la France!!
P.S. You can choose as you wish, but I myself would favor a woman candidate, in preference to a nepali male. Best if the lady in question is not too aged and more importantly, has some experience having worked for other expats in Kathmandu. This way, you can very easily take references by phone from her past employers. Try to select one who's had minimum of 2-3 years working for other foreigners and finally, most important, can speak some english or other language you speak. Communications are all important. Not easy if she only speaks nepali....In one week, your mission is accomplished!!

Wow thanks so much

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