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Well I finally got round to saying hello...... The last three weeks have been somewhat hectic. So hey my name is Colin but please address me as Col, I live in the UK and work part time in the security Industry,. A former member of the British Army and freelance Bodyguard  I have led a far from dull existence previously residing in Venezuela, Colombia and the Caribbean, Only returning to  the UK in 2012.
What next? Well yeah no prizes for guessing,  I've selected Cambodia as my next big adventure.. I am currently engaged on a advanced TEFL course and have a detailed plan of action to provide specialist English Language courses to targeted Business and private students alike whilst also tutoring online. I also plan to volunteer my services to local  schools and under privileged groups should time allow. I estimate that I shall be in a position to travel towards the end of the year and initially plan a 3 month trip to test the water over there and do some networking . I have a multitude of questions I could fire off but shall leave those for a later post as my intention today was merely to introduce myself into the fold.I Would be more than happy to receive mail from anyone wishing to share their experience with me....I expect to hear some negative comments and words of caution from wise veterans, But also anticipate making some good contacts on here and getting a very detailed brief on current economic and social matters relevant to my venture.

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Hello Col.

Welcome on board this forum.

I advise you to read through some threads that are interesting for you, quite some threads about how to adapt to living here, how to treat girls and their families, how to find certain medical, educational and other facilities. If after reading them you still have questions, don't hesitate to post them here, there are local forums and in there several topics, like jobs, housing. Use them whenever you like.


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Hi Joe ..... Yes im in the process of doing that its kinda second nature for me to familiarise myself with local customs security issues transportation,accommodation,medical and such. before I get boots on the ground....Joining this group is all part of that preparation. I've subscribed to the Phnom Penn post to get a feel for local and national issues, And have also been reading various reviews on subjects of interest...Cost of living..Visas and alike...As for the Girls and families of such You'd be hard pressed to find a more respectful and polite guy in all of Asia.....I detest exploitation leches and rudeness....Bullies are my personal pet hate though...." They really twist my melon Joe'!!!....And finally you can be sure that I will call on your'e experience and knowledge when needed in fact ive got a small list already :-).
Thanks for the advice Joe.

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