Working Acupuncture in Oman

Hi Everyone;

My wife has an Omani national who is interested in sponsoring her to work as a TCM Doctor / Acupuncturist in Muscat. I am doing some research on the net but cannot find any info as to what type of certification / licensing the Omani government will require. Does anyone know where I could source such info. The person offering sponsorship is not currently in the medical field so not that up on procedures. They are relying on me a bit to organize this

Hi craigmd1,

You could do the following things :

(1) Contact your local embassy for reliable assistance of all the information that you are seeking,

(2) Contact a reliable legal firm that specialises in starting new businesses. They would provide you with the needed information,

(3) Looking at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry's website would throw some light too since all the official registrations of the entity have to be formally done there only.

Thanks you. Most helpful

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