Moved to Puerto Rico 10 days prior to Irma

I posted last summer my wife and I were considering moving to Puerto Rico. We arrived to the island 10 days prior to Irma.  My wife works in San Juan and we rented a place in dorado.  The commute to San Juan from Dorado was unreal after Maria. Drive times into the city doubled..  I would drop my wife off in San Juan head back to dorado then later in the day drive back to San Juan pick my wife up and head back to Dorado. I was on the road some days 5 to 6 hours. The drive now is manageable 35 min basically each way.  The people of Puerto Rico have been incredible before and after Maria.  After the store I would look for diesel, gas, filters, food, and water and everyone was polite and helpful even tho they were also going through the same tough times.  I love it up in Dorado however the commute can be a bit much on some days.  Well just wanted to check in and let everyone know we did make the move.  Thank you all

Glad you and your Wife are doing better and made it thorough ok. Wish Y'all The Very Best!!!!

PS: You may want to buy a helicopter and fly your wife to work and back home. Would cut your time by 60-70%. LOL Just Kidding!! But would be very COOL!!!

Welcome to the forum and Puerto Rico, glad things are a little better.

Glad to hear everything is getting better and you made it through.  Bet it was a life changer!!  Wishing you the best!  Hope to be in your shoes one day and living in PR full time.

It was a life changer for sure.  I learned  to be a little more patient. Things are going really well. We  met a lot of great people so far. Still considering  moving to Condadoo, just to experience city life on the beach.  Thanks all

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