Traveling Alone and meeting new people


I am planning a trip to Cairo soon and planning on staying a month. I will possibly be traveling alone and would like to make a few expat and local friends before arriving.

One question I have is about the area, which area in Cairo is the best stay in, in terms of safety and convenience. What about the local hotels vs the big chain hotels. I want to get out of my comfort zone and was thinking about staying at a big chain hotel for a week, just to get a feel of Cairo first, then moving on to the smaller local hotels.

I have a lot more questions but that is it for now!

Your are welcome to Cairo Pyramids...I live just 15 minutes walking to Pyramids... :)  nice to see you there

Hi Bandea. Welcome to Cairo the best place in Cairo for expats Maadi .Zamalek and new Cairo safe and nice area to live so you can ask us about any information you want to know and I can help you have a nice trip

I definitely want to see all the historic monuments - the popular tourist ones and the "hidden" ones!

New Cairo is at the top of my list for an apartment. I've heard this so many times now I have to believe it is the best place for me.

Thank you

you are welcome Bandea new cairo is good place but isolated you have to take Taxi or uber for going to the malls or coffee shops but Maadi you can just walk a minutes to got anything i really prefer Maadi more social community clubs etc.

I would recommend zamalek, maadi and downtown. Those 3 places are pretty much in the core of Cairo. Facilities are everywhere and not isolated like new Cairo

@Pandea Welcome to Egypt hope that its gonna be the best experience you will ever have ! New Cairo  and to be honest Maadi  is such a great place to be at because it combines modern civilization mixed with some Egyptian traditions atmosphere   ! Don't forget about the ancient museums and the pyramids !  There are a tons of such excited places you will discover once u arrive .. :)

Salam . Hi
First if all u r welcome.
About your housing . I have an appartment in the core of cairo and ready to rent it
About visiting everywhere in historical egypt specially in cairo i offer to an experienced man with his good case car to drive you everywhere . Incient egypt . Islamic and modern cairo
You can communicate before come to know about all costs.
Unfortunately i am not in egypt right now . I will be on june . But can manage all for u
Hope u enjoy in our country

Hello Pandea.

Welcome to Egypt, Egypt weather is a little bit cold in winter which nearly to finish by April, then the spring which will start till jun, the temperature is okay may be need a light jacket at night. 

Places I would recommend area called Maddie, Garden City and Zamalk as my friends said, because those area are near to Musuem, Old Cair, Air port, Pyramids. so those are good and many expats live there, also very safe from security.

How you get a place, through, If you go for hotel, its expensive to stay in a decent hotel, but we never know.

holiday inn maadi
Tolip Inn Maadi

Garden City
Oriental Hostel
Grand Nile Tower

Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino
Om Kolthoom Hotel
Golden Tulip Hotel Flamenco Cairo.

If you need help for sure just ask.

Transportation, we have many application  like UBER, very safe and recommended.

Food, You can eat anything, but please take care of your tummy, so buy a medicine from your home country or in Egypt there is a good medicine and cheap also called  "Antinal"

Egypt, safe people are friendly, funny, and people in general very generous so don't worry :) welcome unfortunately I am not in Egypt but I am sure you can manage and for sure any question or support drop me a message.

Hi, how r u?

I am Sammy, Born and raised in amsterdam .
Ill be in Cairo from 18 till 31 March.
Maybe we can have a coffee of something?
Well hope to hear from u


Hi Pandea
i am Bara, i am also an expat here in Egypt but from a long time ago :)
Egypt is a beautiful country, as you know there are a lot of historic and places to visit as a tourist here
I  would like to list some points you should be aware of
- Cairo is an extremely crowded city, the traffic jam might ruine the days you gonna spend here.
-To avoid crowded places, expat favors hotels nearby the historic Pyramids to avoid traffic jam or some places less crowded like  " 6 October  city in Giza "

- The weather in Cairo is really hot and wet these days so get summer clothes with you but choose modest clothes to avoid getting verbally abused by some people.

- Once you arrive ,  Get a sim card from terminal 3 in the airport with internet connection.Use Uber or Careem to avoid random drivers who might make you pay 5 times more than the usual fare.
- The weather In Egypt is really hot and very wet.Be aware, some hotel in Cairo has no air conditions with even expensive prices.

-This is a trusted website to make a hotel booking, there are some great offers exclusive for this website users
It is better to rent a furnished flat if you are planning to stay for a long period or make a hotel booking for short period

Great hotels with good prices
Near Pyramids
1- Le Meridian located 1.2 KM near the pyramids. Average fare 113$.
2-Pyramids Plateau Inn ( 40-52 Dollar /day ).
3-Mena Inn Pyramids ( only 29 $-40$/day).
4-Pyramid View Inn ( 77$)
5-Gawjaret Alahram ( you might get an offer for 24 $/day.
6-Ramses Hilton.
7-Guardian ( an offer for trivago users for 54 $ it is the top rated hotel in the website).

Feel free to ask me anything

Can a single woman get around the city alone?  I heard women should be accompanied by a male to avoid problems.  Is this true?

yes , it is true .

No not true

Is the men are dangerious in Egypt, aŕe you? 🤔👎

I just got back from Cairo and i also stayed a month. I went on air b&b and rented an apartment in Nasr City and i loved it ! I am also goung back but will stay alot lobgwr next time.

I don’t know anyone who wants to visit Egypt.  What could I do?  Hire someone?

When are you trying to go ?

Egypt is safe don't worry. As a tourist you just need to be careful as you would in any other country in the world.

Can anyone call this number ?

@Sburris> which number? For security reason, we ask members to not put their phone number on the forum.

Sure you can Come alone

Oh ok, i did not know, sorry...

Let me know when you are going, i will see what i can do. My passport is ready to go !!

Welcome to Egypt

Hi, stay in Maadi or zamalek... Nicest hotel in zamalek is sofitel, beautiful view on the nile... unless you want something more adventurous...  in downtown La bella luna or hotel Windsor to go back in time... very interesting!! Get a simcard for your phone and use Uber to drive around the city. Don't take a hotel near the pyramids... that's for tourists, and there's a lot of hassle there. you may get a guide for the first couple of days... I have a good friend that does that, feel free to get in contact … pt-9551052 . Don't stay in cario, go and visit luxor and aswan too...

be aware that most egyptians do not speak english

Im in cairo now, anybody wanna have drink or go out?

I went around in Cairo by myself and i felt safe. If you are going to ask for direction choose a woman. I sometimes pay a guide to show me around. I did it everywhere in Egypt. I have been in Egypt from North to South and East to West. I am coming this May and it is my 5th time in Egypt. I even crossed the Red Sea to Jordan. I had been in Wadi Musa Petra, Wadi Rum and when i missed my flight from Amman i took the boat from Aqaba to Nuweiba.

Planing my trip to Cairo in early May, What kind of weather conditions can I expect? Will be staying about 30 days, are there any special events or celebrations during this time period.

i'm planning to visit Sharm El-Sheikh at Easter holidays !!
any companion ??

sure...where are you now?

it will be at Easter holidays !

Hello there
         I think most of the expat's members provide you with valuable information, in general I recommend to move in group at least 2 or 3 people who's you certain trust them, Egypt is safe but it"s too hot in summer .cairo still like any city in the world you might meet the good and bad just take you precaution, be careful of yourself and don't hesitate to message me in forum if you asking for further information related anything.
Good luck and have a nice time .

Wow Baraa Najed, That is very nice of you to provide all this information. Especially about the SIM card, I was wondering where I could one get after I arrived. If it is OK, I'm going to keep you in my contacts list.

I have had a few family problems that are keeping me from traveling. Hopefully, it will be sorted out soon and I can visit Egypt.

d_oracle, Thanks for the info and links, they will be very helpful. I will keep what you said in mind about the pyramid hotels.

One month in Egypt alone can be a long month. I think staying downtown is good as there’s always something to see. I recently met an American guy who stayed at “the guardian guesthouse”, which over-looks the Pyramids...he loved it & the photos look great. However it’s a long way from anything but the Pyramids.
In Egypt I prefer Luxor....for its size, walkability & living right in amongst the history. 2 weeks Cairo, 2 weeks Luxor...?

Hi, if you need anything in Cairo let me know, glad to help :)

Swells :

One month in Egypt alone can be a long month. I think staying downtown is good as there’s always something to see. I recently met an American guy who stayed at “the guardian guesthouse”, which over-looks the Pyramids...he loved it & the photos look great. However it’s a long way from anything but the Pyramids.
In Egypt I prefer Luxor....for its size, walkability & living right in amongst the history. 2 weeks Cairo, 2 weeks Luxor...?

wish you enjoy your time there :)

Actually as an Egyptian I think Zamalek and down town are the best areas  you can stay in and there are wide range of hotels.
I'll be glad to meet you.
I can take you on tour in the Tv building which is considered a monument as it is one of the oldest in the middle east.
Khan El Khalili and old cairo will be recommended as well.
Hope you'll enjoy your visit.

You can stay in Maadi or Zamalk or Heliopolis and New cairo would be a perfect place too.
For local hotels, you can check in down town but i don't think it's a safe place but it's near everywhere.

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