I am looking for opportunity to do business

Hello Dear❤

I am from Cambodia.  I am looking for any business in Cambodia if all of you have any ideas please leave your words.

Hello Mr. Sun.

Please put your post in one of the business threads, like Looking for Cambodia Business Partner


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Transportation and express.  This service is not well on nows aday.

Nowsaday, people looking for any trasportation and express company offer their safety comfortable reliable timeable and easy. Thank you

Mr. Sun,put your post in the correct thread please, see above.


Dear JoeKhmer

I am sorry to my mistake because i just available in programe.

Best Regard

No problem.

U just try to keep everything in the right place  :)



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From rejvcap: Hello Joe, regards to protocol, it better to switch forums to business opportunities, but lastly do you suggest any specific areas for tourism related business opportunities? I have contacts in Kep and hear that its up and coming...do you disagree?

Although there are plans for Kep and Kampot they are at the moment sleeping towns, nothing to do and for sure not ideal to start a new business.

Tourism related is a large area. It goes from transport to accommodation, from catering to travel agencies. I think you or anyone should first decide what part of tourism--related business they want to handle and then look for the area that is most suitable to do that.

In the 5 P's of marketing the P of product is the most important, followed by place, price, packaging and promotion.

Tourism hotspots are Siem reap [ but because of a single attraction, Angkor wat], Sihanoukville [seaside resort with islands off the coast] and Phnom Penh. But a variety of smaller tourism attractions are everywhere in the provinces, thinking of river cruises on Tonle sap and Mekong, the numerous ruins and archeological sites. The Ministry has its own website http://www.tourismcambodia.org/.

Good luck.

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Hi Sun,

What do you thing of digital printing products?
we can make banners ,beach flags, car stickers ,and so on.

Hi Boss

This business is well bucause it reply to all business and there are many company in territory need it. Present has companies grow up from day to day.

Thank you

Hi im frm nepal looking too for business opportunity.can we work tgther

thank you ,Sun.

I am going to look around and decide if we send printer to creat a factory here.


Have you found a business?

my email is ***

Chef Thom

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