Cabo Rojo area quality of life for senior retirees

To any current Cabo Rojo residents, in particular seniors with limited mobility, I'd appreciate a
response to any one or all of the following questions:

1. What is the current availability of power and potable water?
2. Which barrio(s) is/are most likely to be quieter, yet close to services (ATM/Econo, etc.)?
3. What is the likelihood of finding Medicare-contracted MDs in Mayaguez (yes, I'm aware of the
flight of doctors stateside and the general poor healthcare situation)?
4. What Internet/cable connections are available and with what reliability? (My business is operated
online, and poor infrastructure here would be a deal breaker.)
5. Did you ever use Lineas Caborrojenas for travel back and forth to Mayaguez? (Yes, I know
publicos have a reputation for unreliability.) Was Uber running on the west side before the hurricanes?
6. Are there secondary, off-highway, roads between CJ and Mayaguez? I don't really see any on
7.  How have you found your neighbors in any terms you wish to discuss good or bad?
8. Always good to hear cons over pros, so any cons would be good.

I think that's enough. I'm over 70, looking to downsize, and despite the numerous problems in PR, including those predating Irma and Maria,  housing and COL  in PR, in contrast to places like CA, or just about anywhere stateside, may trump my better judgment here, and the availability of rentals under $1000 to start does look good in the SW part of the island. I lived in the Condado many, many years ago, but I don't think I can handle the metro area now. By the way, I have no problem with reading/speaking Spanish. Worked many years in Mexico.

Thanks for your kind input.

Not too many members in Cabo Rolo area so you may have to wait for an answer.

My husband and I have spent much time in the southwest, specifically Guanica.  Also, we have spent time in Cabo Rojo/Combate/Boqueron areas.  Prior to the storm, there was pretty good internet on that part of the island.  I am not sure now, but we are about to spend another month, so I will know more after we get back. 

When we were there in January, we experienced no issues with water or power.  There is a way to get to Mayaguez by following secondary roads along the shore. 

I'd say the best way to evaluate the situation is to spend a month in a vacation rental and talk to lots of locals.  People are very friendly and helpful.  Also, there are older people from the States who winter in the CR / Boqueron areas. 

Good luck with your search.   If I hear of anything that might be useful to you, I will post here.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I did manage to locate some videos on Bing: Boquerón, Guanica and Aguadilla; ominously, all of these "driving vids" were shot in June or July of '17. Must have been shot at 6AM on a Sunday, not much traffic (can't be true). Guanica looked good. Bikers around Quebradillas looked to be traveling secondary/tertiary roads (like county roads), even trails close to the shore. A highway stretch looked like bike corridors were marked --- also can't be true.

Will be interested in how you find this area on your next trip.


We live in cabo rojo in the Reparto Saman development. Simply put, awesome! 5 min to beach. Quiet. Close to 2 large and 2 smaller grocery stores. Shopping.....Don't believe all you hear about medical or gov agencies. We had NO problems and love retirement here. Anything you need to know in particular just ask.
R and B

Interesting  and agree because we own a home in Boqueron and also LOVE the area. Retired Teachers and Federal gov workers

Cabo rojo is nice.  However we lived in joyuda and way to loud and lots of traffic.  The further south you go the less stuff. So its a trek from cabo rojo to mayaguez. I have to disagree again and again.  The healthcare here is very scary. Island lacks paramedics  and drs.    If you have real medical issues you need to live in the west and those hospitals really arent much better

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