Best place to live in KL

My office is in Jalang Pinang KL near KLCC Park. I  would like to know the best place to live near it for Indian Female on sharing basis.

Depends what is available. is the main website for flatsharing.  There is also You may be interested in:

Marc Residence
One KL
Vortex Suites
Kirana Residence
Soho Suites
Menara Pinang
Vipod Residences
3 Kia Peng
Residensi Kia Peng

Vista Damai is very nice but a walk away from the office (but depends which end of Jalan Pinang) … amai-condo

Thank you Gravitas, really helpful

There are a lot more condos around the KLCC Park as well.

This is close to Vista Damai … 618600.htm

Soho Suites … 254701.htm

Also do a free Basic Membership on to access their FORUM to place a flat share enquiry and check what is there already.  DO NOT pay for the Albatross Membership.

Sure Thanks a lot.

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