Marriage visa question. (both from USA)

My fiance and I live in Germany but are originally from the USA. I have a work visa and she currently has the preparation to study visa. We are planning to get married this year but will do this back in the USA. Does anyone have any experience with applying for a marriage visa (would be for her)? Her current visa prevents her from working, except on holidays, and I have heard that the marriage visa would at the very least allow her to have a mini-job and would also not have the same short, less than a year expiry date.

You need to get the foreign marriage certificate legalized by the German embassy and then apply for a family reunion visa for her to join you in Germany.
You need to show German health insurance, appropriate living space (e.g. rental apartment - not just a sublet room) and sufficient financial means to survive (min. €9000/year per person). They might also check other things. The process takes 3 - 6 months, depending on the foreigner authority of the town you intend to live in (which must approve it).

Thank you for your reply! I had seen the "reunion" visa as an option but since she is already allowed to live here and does (we are both registered to the same address already) I did not know if there was something different we would need to apply for.  Thanks again!

Please, what is the minimum level of language one can use to work in Germany with family reunion visa?  Thank you for your good heart and looking forward for your quick reply.

Adeatom: This entirely depends on the job scope and employer: Anything from not a word to complete fluency is possible, but your chances are of course better the more German you know.
As a rule of thumb, for any role that requires communication (of any kind), B2 or higher should be needed. The few jobs without a need for communication are badly paid (e.g. garbage collector, street cleaner, harvest helper, supermarket shelf stocker, etc.).

adeatom :

Please, what is the minimum level of language one can use to work in Germany with family reunion visa?  Thank you for your good heart and looking forward for your quick reply.

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Someone from outside the EU needs to pass the A1 level German exam to get a family reunion visa. I am posting some information below taken from the following link to the German Immigration Authorities’ website. To actually get a job depends on what kind of job it is. The A1 level will not be enough for most jobs dealing with customers. … cationFile

When the language test takes place
As a rule, the family members must prove their basic knowledge of German at the German diplomatic mission abroad before they enter the country. They will usually not be issued with a visa until they have demonstrated their language skills (see below for exemptions and general waivers of the language requirements for certain groups of persons).
What knowledge and skills are required from applicants in order to pass the test
The spouse or registered partner must be able to communicate in German “at least on a basic level” (Section 30 subs. 1 sentence 1 no. 2 of the Residence Act in conjunction with Section 2 subs. 9 of the Residence Act). This is generally deemed to be the case if the applicant has obtained a language certificate by a recognized institution (e.g. Goethe-Institute) which certifies that he or she has German language skills at reference level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
A1 denotes the beginners’ level and elementary knowledge of the language.
Preparatory classes
Applicants will usually have to take the initiative and attend language courses with an approved institution in the country of origin or transit. The Goethe-Institute provides a list of potential examination centers around the world on its website.
In order to obtain an A1 level language certificate from the Goethe-Institute, students will usually have to take 160 lessons of 45 minutes each, with the actual length of the course depending on their existing knowledge of German (Goethe Institut 2016).
The diplomatic mission abroad may waive the requirement of formal evidence of the language skills if the applicant obviously demonstrates his or her knowledge of German when filing the application at the visa department

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