Visa and work


I am a south african citizens and would like to have a temporary visa forSpain.
I work for a company in South Africa, and I will keep working for them in Spain.
In terms of finding a legal way for me to work from Spain it seems that setting up a Liaison Office or Representative Office is something worth looking into.

I have contacted the consulat and spain embassy in SA but they dont provide such info or help but referred me to search for legal advice. I would like to make research myself.

Can someone give a guideline to set up a liaison office? or any useful tips are welcome!

Thank you for your help and advice.


here is the link as to the information/visas you require. … acion.aspx


I thank you very much for the link, very useful.

Now I am stuck again on this website … index.html

which one to choose? 03, 08 or 11?
If you know the answer....

Thank you again!!

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