My company apply for the CID

hello friends I want to know how long can the CID come out because I have a job in an hotel in Abu Dhabi and they told me that they have apply for my CID that was 13 last month and I am calling them they can't answer my call so last week I go to the company in Abu Dhabi and ask for my CID and they told is not yet out and today my visit visa is two weeks left can I continue wait for the company

Hi.. even I heard that CID is taking anverage of 2 months these day... I had give my CID clearance on mid jan  and I haven’t received it yet.. hopefully to recive in another one or two weeks as per my recruiter  .. any way I will let u know once I get it

Any news on your CID drmuneer ?

How about you Taku Samuel Tambe?

No news yet ... Still keeping my fingers crossed

May I ask if you filled in any forms for that ? One that asks for information about relatives, friends, etc

Yea.. I  filled everything ..

OK, I guess one can only hope for the best. Hopefully it won't take much more time. Mine was submitted around the same time as you guys. Late January/early February. Have you been through this before drmuneer?

Well yes.. when I applied for my haad liscence which was for a private clinic I got my CID clearance in 2 week.. but this is for govt one, so heard it will take more time but this is too much .. one of my friend told me that maximum time taken will be 90 days..

I sent you a private message drmuneer

Hello guys,

Any update on your security clearances ?

Hi i would like to ask if how long the CId process. I have ongoing haad license and Im done on Cid1 then then myncurrent step id Subprocess1 i woukd like to ask if this is different? Thank u

Hi drumerr i would like to ask i havr dine CID1 then the current step is subprocess1.. is this mean im done with the cid or still in progresss.. thanks this is for my haad license.

I have same situation with yours. Mine is stuck in subprocess1 and i dont know how many days will be before its done

hi jack how many days now in subprocess1? thank u

I guess its been 5 days now. How about you? Do you have any idea how long will it take before it will be done?

Jacks123 :

I guess its been 5 days now. How about you? Do you have any idea how long will it take before it will be done?

since april 8. i really don’t have an idea. According to my friends it will take only a week but not so sure. your in UAE now?

Yes. How about you?

No. I’m here in manila

ung update po from CiD after 1week Facility licensing na me

How many days ba yong subprocess1?

1 week ung subprocess1 then CID2 and facility licensing same day

What is it meaning please ?
(1 week ung subprocess1 then CID2 and facility licensing same day)

it took 1week CID1/suprocess then CID2 and Facility licensing same day only. My update as of today still in Facility Licensing i think they still did not view yet since april 15... 😀

if your license not finish tomorrow so next week may be Sunday they will finish your license

thank you so much for the info.. i had my license before.. this is for re registration again from new company. Thanks again have a nice day 😃

Hi aisaa, ask lng ako.. How many weeks that it take to finish CID2? My employer told me that i am on CID2 now for haad licensing. Thank you

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