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Hi All,

I am looking for recommendations for good location names to rent an apartment in KL Malaysia. My working location is AIA Square Tower KL and wants to stay as much as close to working location.

Also, I like to know if the used car (let's say two years old) is worth to purchase?



You can live at Capsquare apartments where AIA Tower is located and walk to everything. Rent a car when needed only. … p%20Square

Also flatsharing available there.

Thanks Gravitas for your recommendation. This tower is impressive and certainly will explore. If you do have few names like same place or even better nearby,  I am totally fine to explore.  I will go for independent flat/house with minimum 2 bedrooms

I was told to have a car in KL is best choice to avoid hassles with Taxi drivers as they have kind of bad history. So just curious to learn, if I stay long.



iThere is Mayflower Tower nearby too. Use the iproperty map to see other choices. Uber and grab work well so a car is unnecessary and expensive. Traffic is quite bad around KLC but try it out for a month or so then decide. A car is o ly useful to explore places like Penang but there is a high speed train to get there

Another option is summer suiites towards the twin towers. If you don't want to be really close  to the office there are lots of other choices up to about jalan tun razak cross with jalan ampang.  Further still away  but accessible by lrt is Brickfields/ Sentral

2 bed units are harder to find than 3 so cost a premium in many cases

Gravitas, Sounds excellent. I checked o I property, it was showing Maytower not mayflower tower, however, apartment seems good but most of was Studio so can not in my criteria.

I will others  recommendation and I liked your recommendation for car, first, i will access the city.

I am good, if little walk or public transport is easy available from home to office, and most imp, safe to walk! , so i am good to explore nice apartments.


The Sentral Residences, KL has great apartments to live, Brickfields also seems fine to me.  How is public transport in these areas to AIA Cap Square tower? Your all three locations recommendations are amazing. Hope, all these areas are fully secured!

Brickfields is Little India - it is what it is.

The LRT goes from Sentral/Brickfields to Dang Wangi or Masjid Jamek and then its a walk from there to the office.

I see The Face apartments are now also available (next to Summer Residences). Cap Square and Brickfields are surpassed by living in the expat enclave of KLCC. There is no nightlife to speak of around Capsquare and Masjid Jamek.

There are 2 beds at Maytowers sometimes available and stock is rolling of course. Check also on propertyguru as well as

Vista Damai is quite popular because of its location. It is near Ampang Park LRT and so is one stop to KLCC, Dang Wangi is 2 stops further on and Masjid Jamek is one more stop.

The monorail also runs from Sentral/Brickfields to Bukit Nanas/Dang Wangi - so another travel option to get to work.

Thank you and appreciate it  Gravitas. You are so kind and all i can give you is my gratitude for sparing so much time on this forum and helping expats. Face apartment is another niche selection.  So, i will keep Face apartment,  Sentral, and AIA Cap square residence . I will check more on Capsquare  like you said very limited option to get socialize.

Can give your budget and actually Cap square is the nearest area you can find the units. Feel free to whatsapp me AKMAL ***

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