Problem with finding propertie for rent.

Good Day,

I'm currently looking for a property to rent in Cologne Germany. The reason why I'm  doing it is because I have got promoted and I'm being transferred here. Is there anything or anyone who could help me with this? I have wife and cat. As far as I know there is not a big problem to have a cat. In every single agencies where I was looking for flat to rent everyone was looking at me like I came from a different planet. I just want to find nice flat to live in. For any help I will be really greatefull.

Thank you in advance.


Has the company you work for, been able to help you?

Yes, They do provide everything what they can but I have send 100+ Emails, drive thru tens of estate agencies and no reply or either not available. I'm already sending next to the city and Bonn to check if I will have luck there.

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