Darija classes in el jadida

Hi, friends!I Really want to learn Darija. I Have basic survival level now, thanks to peace corps book. Need to work on my grammar.I live in el jadida and can't find any darija classes or tutors . Any   Advice  will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Ellie,
Let me welcome you here in my hometown. Concerning Darija, I can help you learn it.
Contact me whenever you please!

Thank you, I'm leaving   Morocco this summer. But will come back by September. do you know if there's any organized language center that teaches darija , I prefer group classes . I think it's a good idea to create such language class. A lot of foreigners in el jadida and no such opportunity like in fes.

Good luck!
Yes why not!
It sounds a great idea. If there are many foreigners interested, I can organize it with the help of some people I knew. When I say people, I mean individuals who have knowledge in the field of language teaching.

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