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Hi everyone,

I have found a new job with a language school and so they must apply for a work permit for me. My current employer did this in May 2017 and we didn't receive the work permit until January 2018 so I was wondering if anyone knows an agency or consultant to use that makes this process easier and quicker?
I am in the Dolnoślaski area...if anyone has any information or has used someone for this before, it would be greatly appreciated!


Surely that is the job of your employer. The school should have someone who is able to do this competently. My employer and I did it together in November and it took a week - we took the documentation down to the office ourselves and then picked them back up from the office.

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I am afraid I work in the evenings so I won't be able to attend. It is a pity as it sounds useful.

Hello everyone,
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but AFAIK it's required that the paperwork must be done by the company hiring you. I work in Wrocław, but my company is based in Warszawa so it took only 2 weeks, but for companies based here in Wrocław area I heard that is taking up to 4 months! (a friend of mine lost an opportunity because the company didn't want to wait for it)

Any news on that please update.



Yes it is the employer who applies for work permits, not the candidate/employee. And it should be employer's cost, if you ask me.
The employer can use assistance of advisory agency to do that and it's a good choice. However, no one being serious should promise to make the formalities faster. The only thing to do is to apply, monitor and deliver documents asap.

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