Blacklist due to saudi council license


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i'm asking if you can do exam again for new saudi council

Yes u can take again exam but they can found the previous cases like your falsified documents!

Chinarose same with your problems, how did u fix your problems?? Where are you now??

How can u check the status of your saudi counsil theres anyone can help me?? Coz i just wanna know if my saudi counsil is blacklisted.

Yes your old data flow result will be annexed to the new one. And according to saudi council riyadh there's no way to remove  our name from the blacklisted and they don't even know until when it'll be and that's a very sad news. It might take forever maybe.

Yes, maybe that will be happend to mine

you can check in registration validity, but for me  now prometric they need eligibilty number before you take exam....

anyone solve the problem ?

anyone know solve already blacklisted

I have eligibility number but everytime i open my account they say blacklisted so im panic then im asking my employer then no response then i heard to the dentist doctor yesterday he say i have a problem due to my COE then maybe they fix it then im asked the doctor if they cant fix what will be happened he say they will send you back in philippines but dont worry because they can fix it here just pray.. then im asking about if im going jail he say no jail, maybe if they cant fix it they will send me back to my origin(philippines).

Then i heard maybe they will be hidden me If theres MOH to rounds here [at] clinic..

if they fix it your problem,,and you come back here in philippines, you can also apply again in saudi for nurses or not anymore  and i ask regarding your problem how they will fix your problem?

ok there is a lot of clinic they do like that if MoH come

your blacklisted in saudi council but in immigration your not banned

I heard to the dentist doctor maybe they will buy a new COE in philippines and fix it to the SCHFS or dataflow.. if cant fix it they will send me back in philippines or they hidden me at clinic.. maybe if theres a MOH they will hide me.. but i want to go home before that happen

Yes blacklisted to the saudi counsil but in immigration no,, but before i exit 2018 my employer said you need to hide all your documents dont put it to your hand carry just put it to the luggage bag(checkin bag) because they will find you if u put it to ur handcarry bag coz ur are under investigation.. so in immigration they asked me if re-entry o exit i told him exit then he ask me why saudi is not good?? Then he asking me what is my work. After the dicussion im already checkin and waiting flight.. alhamdulillah but now im here in saudi theres a problem again

for me you can read also the rules and regulation in saudi council , there is article re regestration, suspension, terminated , but i didnt read any article regarding blacklisted

Where i can read that? What im going to search co i want to read that.

i think if blacklisted then you want to removed it,  you need attorney  if is genuine regarding coe if you win in the court, then you can continue as nurse in saudi council, then sa iba na nabasa ko na kahit nanalo ka sa courte tapos hnd ka na daw pwd maging nurse sa saudi parang hnd naman totoo, kc sa article nila may re gestration  ulit basta kung malakas employer mo malulusotan nila yan

saudi council website regarding rules and regulation

I think they can removed it if u win at court,, then maybe u are not going to be work here again as a nurse in just 5years?? Like banned ?? Hmmp sabi kc akn ng relatives ng stepmom ko wag daw aq matakot kc mdmi daw mga nurses n ganito dn daw setwasyon ko posible ipahamak aq ng employer ko kc alam nmn nia problema ko instead n mahuli ay papauwiin ka nmn daw kpg ang MOH Ay nag bigay ng notice na pauwiin ang nurse na may problema if dika pinauwe ng employer na may notice n ng MOH dun kna mkukulong..

Ok im going to read the rules and regulation

nope if you read rules and regulation you can work again as nurse not banned in 5 years,  you win  in a court....

yup that true Moh will give notice to your employer

Banned for 3 yrs or more is only applicable for those people who have done something against the law of Saudi Arabia. But for us nurses who are in blacklisted there's no specific time until when we will be in the list. Unless you will win your case in the court, but you need to put much effort on it and present the legit documents.

Yun n nga, so im willing to wait kung anong decision nila sabi kc skn they can fix it, if cannot fix it they will send me back home

Yes, i have legit documenta but maybe theres a error thats why im bkacklisted.


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