Blacklist due to saudi council license

so my saudi council will expire on january 2020? and my contract will end on feb.  2020..   my coe is fake.  i have me iqama now they released new one. so do you think i will renew my saudi council or not?

How did you know that you were blacklisted?

Hello i think some cases they will check your coe again. But maybe it depends in the scfhs if your name will be check.

I saw in the saudi council website

Isn’t possible for you to renew your saudi license thats already expired 2 or 3yrs ago with a new data flow result.

is it possible that your visa is medical suddenly your job became administration. Because you cannot work as medical now and they willingly change it so, still you can work and finished your contract? Is there any problem in the future especially if your contract will be finish and apply for exit visa.

Hi. That is what happened to me i was terminaed as nursw but i applied in admin work. They accepted me but they didnt changed my visa  fortunately when i go exit becauae my iqama is about to expire all went smoothky and i didnt encounter any problem. If your employer is willing to change your visa and iqamanthen its fine i think. But make sure your iqama will also change from nurse to other field.

How about if your planing to leave the kingdom,is there any possibilities that you will be hold in the immigration because of your blacklisted record?

I’d read some situations like that in the airport some nurses was caught by the police and put them in jail.. but that time i was already here in our country.

Yes sir nohman idk also where is the main problem the data flow office here in Makkah told me that I’m blacklisted but when I checked it thru online my license still activate.

I have a problem also to my dataflow psv. Because of this the admin decided to change my job title from medical to admin. Do you think i will have problem when i go exit after my 2yrs contract?

Hi is it your case is blacklisted because of your COE?

Do you know what is link website of Saudi council to know your name in list of blacklisted?

to josh_carino

once your case are cleared, you can still work in saudi arabia but not as a nurse anymore

search for application status, you may enter your license number then there you can view if your license still active o blacklisted already

absolutely no

if we are blacklisted in saudi counsil can we come back to KSA with different profession?

Hey I am from India I am also experiencing same problem I completed 10 month here with out job right now my case is under investigation here I would like to ask whether did you went through investigation or you just left with out it please can u reply
Thank u

Hello I am also experiencing same problem and they same thing to me to get 1 year experience from out side Saudi so that they can remove block list so did you submit that one year experience please if you did please let me know the process
Thank you

For hoe long have you been working here in saudi? Are you new for the renewal of your license?

I go exit from ksa without further investigation maybe because i was terminated by moh that time.. i hope you can go to your country safe and sound..

Yes we can come back because we are only blacklisted in saudi council but not in jawasat. We can work but not in medical filed. That was according to saudi council riyadh office..

It’s a big no. I’m going to 2 years terminated now from ksa but cannot go back as nurse. Everytime i will check the saudi council system i’m still on b.l. And besides they told me being b.l in saudi council is forever. It’s a big effect on pir career because we cannot provide the certificate of good standing that other countries needes.

Who said that you will be black listed for forever previously  I consulted Saudi council they said if I submit 1 year outside experience they will remove black list. So please make sure that

Which branch did you go to? Because as per my case i had problem with my coe in my country, i was working before in a province so technically i consulted the branch there and the manager assure me that i need to go to my country work for one year and my nale will be removed then after that i was not satisfied with his answer i makr it sure and i went to saudi council RIYADH a year ago we talked to the general director in but he said for now (that time) there is no way. Since then i still hope l, i went back after 7 months to riyadh in saudi council but the office for mumaris But it is also a main branch, we talked to the manager and he said being blacklisted is forever and there is no way. I even asked if my hospital will submit a letter that my certicate are authentic and i will bring it to data flow he said just try but i cannot promise you because that is their rule now.

I was terminated january 2017 i tried to apply to admin work and they allowed me so after 7 mos i went back to riyadh (i explain not to make you confuse)

I was blacklisted since july 2015 but got terminated 2017 i have my prometric license and certificate but was useless after all. So to us having the same problem we are banned to gcc countries  as medical practitioner but we can still go back in middle east but not as nurse anymore.

I just consulted Saudi council few months back which is located in near to all embassies. They said I should submit 1 year outside experience then they will remove black list.

Then it means you are not permitted to work as nurse in other gcc countries also. I have this doubt one of my friends said that work one year in your country and apply for data flow of other gcc countries with that experience. But I don’t know it would be accepted or not

i agree with you, its same with my coworker, fake coe was blacklisted forever , she can work in saudi but not as a nurse anymore...

i also have one co worker, she stop to practice her nursing profession for 15 yrs because she married a saudi man, her husband dint want her to work anymore, but now they are separated and she want to renew her license, the scfhs want her to get atleast 1year experience outside the country then they will renew her license.

Same here im blacklisted in my mumaris account. I dont know what to do also. Im here now the Philippines in my province and I dont know how to start im a single parent with two kids. My problem originated from COE. Way back from 2012. I started. My journey as OFW tried everyring paying the agency to fill in the gap of experience jist to be selected and fly as soon as possible and this is what happened since I renewed my license last February 2016...because the last company I had prior this company they didnt renewed my license. I thought they renwed it because I had deductions on my salary and I fill up the data flow form for my renewal but its all renewal happened. I knew it when my current company were having hars time in processing of my renewal. We even go to data flow centee near Olaya to apply personal for data flow, I've waited 3months to recieved my card since then it took 1 yr and 6 months to received the news that I have problem with Saudi Council. Now I dont have worked. I have 2 kids single parent and I have CKD mother that every two weeks i ln nee of dialysis session. I hope any one can help on how to remove being blacklisted in saudi arabia. I need to come back and work.

being blacklisted in ksa is forever if you dinnot do anything,
if your problem is your coe, you must first seek the prosecutor who handle your case too prove your innocence, in your case i think you are guilty, the final judge for that is 1yr prisonment  in ksa plus fine,

you can come back to ksa but not as a nurse anymore, even you clear your case. i know this because here in my place there are so many nurses go to jail already the other are still in prosecution, after 7 months in prison pinadeport na sila

if alam mong yan ang problem mo wag ka ng bumalik kasi ikaw lang din kawawa walang nagagawa ang employer, good thing is 7 months nlng sila hindi na tinapos ang isang taon, chicken, beef at tinapay lang pagkain sa loob, once a month lng ang dalaw, mahigpit pa sa gamit

First go to embassy ask help if in your case they dont call you up for investigation then you better go home as fast as possible file for a resignation,ask the embassy if you have hold departure order,as i know if they dont call you up for investigation yet then you dont have departure orders yet.

How did u know that u were blacklisted? Did saudi council sent you email?

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