Blacklist due to saudi council license

Hi. I am asking for your advise guys. I am helpless and dont know what to do. My saudi council license is blacklisted due to fake submission of documents. I have served the kingdom for almost 4 years and they just knew it probably due to random checking.  Now I dont know when, what and how to start. I know I cannot apply for any GCC country anymore due to they cannot issue a certificate of good standing anymore and it makes me more worried. Please I need your advises. Please dont judge me. I am also disappointed to myself.

It seems that you knew it was fake and they have now discovered it.

Practically, you cannot do anything now.  The only options you have are:

1) If you have genuine certificates and so on; you can try to approach with those and try to get it sorted
2) Pursue a different profession after exiting Saudi with a ban & fine only (and not jail - they seem to be using jail option a lot for fake medical professionals)

hi , i just want to ask , how did you found out that you were in a blacklist ?

What kind of advice are you seeking?

if they blacklisted be it! you knew the system in KSA, it's your fault too, it's not the end of the world dude! meaning saudi is not for you, there's lot out there!..

Yup. I know. Will try to move on.

Why should anyone care? You have obviously lied and taken the place of a real qualified, honest person in the process of you scamming Saudi Arabia. Tossers like you should be dealt with on a Friday by the Matawa.

my advise to you .. leave the country as soon as you can because they soon they will call you to visit them for investigate .. You have a chance now to write on your keyboard..later you won't be.

you will be definitely investigated as per your crime, and either they will fine you and deportation or jail which depends on seriousness of your crime, Gulf countries are taking forgery matters very seriously . try to ask their forgiveness so that you avoid jail.

Thank you for the advise!

Hello i have the same situation here. I just want t ask also is it possible that if you will be in the airport you will be arrested?

According to the news these people didn’t knew that their recruitment agencies altered their documents. The one to be blamed are the agencies not these hard working individuals. I guess they only knew about this once they got informed by their HR.

No Inanna ! Here the system will investigate with individuals first then they will decide who is the guilty ( the agencies or the individual) But let me be honest .. Law doesn't bond on stupids ! individuals ( some of them ) knows their papers incorrect either Agency fault or other fault ..then they must take into consideration of that fault anyway .

Yes exactly.  At the time of job application, educational documents are attested before they are sent to company HR and then there is a separate application to the Saudi council.  Someone has to be completely clueless or on drugs to miss at any stage that they are submitting fake documents.

You are right, but this person could be innocent and some people are jugding him in desperate state which is not at all supportive.  As Expatriates we should be supportive rather than being stereotypical and judgemental. Thats why we end up in this site to have support not to be humiliated or judged. just saying :)

Actually some agencies will take all the said documents and do the falscifications by offering to complete the attestation / authentication by themselves and ask for processing fee. So yes they can be completely clueless about this. I had a colleague who was shocked when he found out about this since he submitted his original certificates when he applied for the position.

If your already blacklisted from Saudi due to falsification of documents is this for a life time? Thank you.

Hi, just want to ask what did you do to clean your name on scfhs

Same situation. I dont know where to start. I dont know if i can still apply for UK

hi,same situation facing now,im blacklisted in saudi council,due to forgering of some staff with my same company,so the company itself is already blacklisted,definitely staff who  work even legit workers in that company also been blacklisted”im one of it”but this company has two branch wer in one staff in other branch is forgering certificate of employment and paying him,and i am working in other branch where the owner is with us,and the other branch are all old staff,but before they deported me i newly renewed my licence and receive my card.but after my vacation a letter given to our departmnt that me and one staff need to stop work and deported back to home.can anyone advise me what to do?is this blacklisted for lifetime?but my papers are legit.

Hi i just wanna ask about your status on scfhs thanks

As of the moment it is still classified and registered

If it is still registered, then you don’t have to worry.

Thanks.. but im afraid.. they might have random checked on my documents.. my coe its a problem.. because my friejd she was registered and classified and when she checked again she saaw she was already blacklisted..

Im for renewal this august.. my employer or our clinic.. refused to renew my license.. and ask me to go.. and now just waiting for the go signal when to go.. they said i need to go asap.

Hi i have same matter, my wife is black listed in Saudi council due to not giving exam on the time, she took one exam but unfortunately didn't passed, she didn't appear for 2nd and 3rd chance, now she want to give exam and they says it is black listed. anyone knows how to remove this tag so she can appear in the exam?

I have a colleague, Saudi Council of Engineers found out his degree was fake. He tried to apply for emergency leave but was refused then after a year when his iqama was expired they put him in Jail for a year then they deported him after serving 1 year in Jail. Once you are blacklisted in Saudi Council and you are still in KSA, u don't have any chance to go on Exit unless you will be cleared or served 1 year in Jail.

yes but this issue is in saudi council of health. data flow for degrees and experience is fine.

Hi i am also a blacklisted and i was terminated last year. I even went to riyadh twice to ask about my case but unfortunately they said that i will be b.l forever. It's a big disturbance for me i cannot apply to those countries that are open now because they need my good standing certificate from SC. How about you what's the news about your status?  Thanks for sharing your story!

I was blacklisted before and even stayed for 9 months fortunately before my iqama expires i went exit smoothly. Just sharing

Thanks for sharing your experience, can you appear in exam outside ksa?

try to search your license validity, you can see there if it still active or blacklosted

Hi we’re same situation but all may docs are original idk where is the problem also!

same here dataflow is 100% correct, but no one knows where is the issue

I am facing the same problem
Any updates dear , so as how to solve this
For me the hospital said to visit scfhs office in Riyadh and ask
They require 12 months work experience outside saudia so as to create a new eligibility id , but unfortunately I have 11 months experience
I am struggling to find a solution
If any 1 can help or guide me please

U cannot be bl forever
For me they told me to get 1 year experience certificate outside Saudi Arabia and then they can remove the black list

where are you working?

Buraidah  for govt hospital

The same case with you guys? Im blacklisted also and ny company don’t want m t go exit if my case is not yet finish that’s why im still waiting for them t follow up my case

Im wondering if there is no solution for this. Or if this blacklisted will be forever.. My status in mumaris is suspended for 9months now and whenever i checked the validity of registration of my saudi license in scfhs site there is no records found. Iam thinking of going to saudi council office but im afraid due to discrepancy of my coe.. I got the report of my dataflow which is verified as a volunteer and not as a staff nurse

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