Probability of EP and S Pass approval

Hi all,

I'm an Indonesian chinese and a fresh graduate from a university in Malaysia. I am majoring in food science with honours. My result is average to above average (second class), never fail a class, a scholarship recipient, and I am quite active in my university (volunteering, student representative for my faculty, vice president of a student association, etc)

Recently, I managed to land a job offer in Singapore, and my company currently applying for EP. I knew that the chances I get the EP is slim as my salary is only 2300 SGD. I've tried to negotiate to my company but they can't increase it even though they want me to join their team. My company is quite new (about 1 year).

I have taken the online SAT and I am only eligible for S pass. But, after looking through the forums here, it seems that it is really difficult to even get the S pass even with higher salary, more experiences than mine.

I would like to know whether I am eligible for the S pass (or even EP, if possible). What's the probability of me getting those work visas?


As we discussed several times, a fresh foreign graduate who didn’t study here, very difficult to get work visa approval. Secondly, you may visit MoM website to understand that for an eligibility to get an EP pass you must have minimum offered salary of $3600. This salary only can eligible of S pass. Though chances are less, but you never know if luck is at your side. Good luck.

Thanks Surya for the reply.

Yes I have been browsing through the forums here, and the facts that a lot of EP and S pass were rejected is the sole reason I decided to post here. I just want to know whether my visa will be approved with my circumstances. I know a friend who had similar case with me (lower than the salary eligible for EP), an outside fresher, yet he managed to get himself an EP. I wonder does nationality affect this? (He's Malaysian)

There was an old posting regarding this too, stating that Malaysians get EP easier with lower salary. Regardless, I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. I'm just curious with my chances as I couldn't wait to start my job experience :D

Yes, a Malaysian always gets higher chance. And, if you are a Malaysian Chinese dissent then chance will be further up. Your Malaysian friend must have got S pass (there are two types of employment passes issued to working professionals. For S pass, the minimum eligibility is diploma with minimum salary of $2200 where as for an EP the minimum salary is $3600 with a recognised bachelor degree from a recognised university.)

No, my friend specifically mentioned that he got EP since his employer applied EP for him.  His salary is around 2400-2600 (he did not mentioned the exact amount).

And yes, he is a Malaysian Chinese. I guess now it all depends on luck.

He does not know the difference between S pass & EP like you. How he will get EP with a salary of $2600? He is not even eligible to apply an EP, leave alone to get.

Hi Surya,

Believe it or not, he just did. I don't know the chances are but he did get the EP with the salary.

He was fully aware on the difference between S pass and EP. He was aware that he is not eligible for EP with his salary, and so did his company. But his employer just applied the EP and MoM approved it.

It's either he has luck on his side, or something must've happened in the MoM.

May I know what your friend is working? He might entitle for EP with min salary of 2.4k.

He worked as QC.

But is there such thing as EP with minimum salary of 2400 SGD? What are the conditions for this?

There is no such condition exist where a person salary is $2600 and getting an EP. You can even check SAT assessment in MoM website. You are arguing just sake of it. He never got an EP, it’s S pass which he might have received. If he got EP then his salary plus FIXED allowances/other benefits per month must be much higher than $3600. To get an EP with salary $3600 is not possible now a days, as this a minimum salary for eligiblilty to apply an EP (not for an approval). Now, please stop arguing rather check with your friend and get correct information.

Below link from MoM for your knowledge: … y-criteria

Dear Surya

I am a Malaysian and it is really possible to get an ep with a salary range of 2500 above. I was a fresh graduate from a prominent university in Malaysia. My first sponsor got me an EP with a base salary of 2500 .My second one also got me an EP. Now I am going back to my first sponsor. They recently applied ep again on 26/3. Hopefully it will be approve soon.

Probably what Fe10 says might be true because I was an EP with almost the same salary. I do have proof. Additionally my three Malaysian colleagues are on EP with the same salary Fyi


This is VERY odd - I have NEVER heard of MoM breaking their own published rules.
Are you sure it's not an S-Pass that you and your colleagues are holding?

Actually it exists with $2400 EP for Malaysian with Degree Holder. Most of my Malaysia friends are So with $2.4k or $2.5k.

Do they have a recognised university degree (which is requirement for EP)?
And why do they want to work in Singapore for a wage much below their market value?

I think it might be because the nationality and how the employer present their candidate to MOM, the scale of company might plays a role too.

And Beppi, the reason is they will have higher salary compared to working in Malaysia (after conversion to Malaysia ringgit). All my Malaysian friends are dying to work in SG too.

And my Spass was rejected unfortunately.

I really doubt that MoM breaks its own, published rules. And you are the first one to claim that they do - I have never heard this before. I think they have S-Passes. Or can you prove it by sending us documents from MoM saying so?

My ep approved  2 weeks ago 😀😀. Solid prove that it is possible. I can show you the ep fyi haha

bhalvin93 :

My ep approved  2 weeks ago 😀😀. Solid prove that it is possible. I can show you the ep fyi haha

Congratulation - and yes, I would like to see the proof, so I can advise others on here better in future.
I will send you PM!

Hello All,

I am new to this thread.Thank you for sharing your expert knowledge in this platform.

I am an Indian and considering an employment in Singapore. My employer is a technology company(US MNC) and I am working in this company for about 6 years. In the last 3.5 years, I have been handling SEA region business based out of India and my employer wants me to move to Singapore(so do I) A new business entity(subsidary) was registered in Singapore in Dec 2017 and my EP was applied in Jan 2018. I have 15 years of quality work experience(with an engineering degree from one of the top 10 engineering colleges in India) in the same field and was offered approx. SGD 11300(fixed) + commissions. After 3 weeks, my EP was rejected and I believe the local agency didn't do a good job of explaining the situation better. One of the reasons for rejection was that "Salary didn't commensurate with candidate's credentials - Look for a local candidate". My company has applied for an appeal in April with a strong justification to have me in this role with an increase in salary to SGD 12600 + AWS+family medical insurance+commissions. After 2 weeks of appeal, MOM has asked for additional info on how many local ppl we will recruit and what could be the business projection like in the next 2 years? We might recruit maximum of 2 local ppl in the next two years. How should we respond to MOM and what are my chances this time around? Sorry for the detailed note. Any feedback/suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance..😀

P.S - My sister is a Singapore citizen. She and her family lives in Singapore for the past 15 years.

The rejection letter indicates that MoM thinks a local can do your job, so hiring a foreigner is not justified.
The reply to your appeal indicatesa they could change their mind about this if your company, after hiring you, creates more jobs for locals.
I am not sure if two jobs in two years is enough.

Your relatives living in Singapore cannot help in this case.

By the way, the above poster bhalvin93 did not reply any more and did not show any proof of his EP.
Thus I am still quite sure no EP can be had below the salary threshold of S$3600/month, not even for Malaysians.
Why he posted this is unknown to me.

Thank you very much Beppi for the quick response.

Any comment on the revised salary?

I am a bit surprized about MoM's salary comment. I would have expected it o be in the right range and it is not clear whether MoM thinks it is too low or too high (both can lead to rejection!).
In any case, adjusting the salary on appeal after such a comment is seldom a good idea, except if it comes with a convincing justification why you are suddenly worth more to the company.

Thank you Beppi..!

Yes, my designation was changed from Area Sales Manager(SEA and Korea) to Regional Sales Manager(Asia-Pacific) before the appeal. It has nothing to do with this appeal but there was a company merger and acquisition that happened right at this time which was highlighted in the justification letter as well.

Thank you again..! Hope to get a positive reply this time.

That sounds like a good reason to give you a raise.
Let's hope MoM thinks so, too!

Happy to share that my EP pass has been approved but for one year only...hope renewal will not be a big deal...thanks everyone(especially Beppi)..!

Congrats, welcome to Singapore!

Thank you Surya2k..!

Why my salary 2400sgd..i got Epass MOM website, Employment pass (Epass) holder minimum salary is 3600sgd..who can explain to me?..confusing....

There seem to be unpublished, lower salary threaholds for Malaysians.
Count yourself lucky that you got an EP - or unlucky for getting a below-market-value pay.

Yes, for Malaysians the yardsticks are completely different and at much easier selection process which is not defined at MoM website.

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