Looking for work in the Maldives

I am currently ready to relocate to the Maldives and have been looking for work for the past month but unsuccessfully, because I am deemed too over qualified.  I want to relocate to the Maldives and believe I would be an asset to any company.  I am happy to start on  a basic wage and work my way up, as long as my accommodation costs are able to be met.  Please contact me if you know of any work or contacts that may be able to assist me and I am happy to email my CV.  Preference is to work on a local island if possible. Regards Petina

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What is your position

Hi, Sampath..I will be coming to Maldives to search a job. iam not employed der. I will be looking for front office manager job.

Please add me as a contact and I will provide further information and a link to my LinkedIn profile

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