Opening an Interventional Pain Management Practice in Panama

Are there any MD pain management practices in any expat retiree communities? Interventional Pain Management is very popular in the states, wondering if there are any US-based physicians practicing this field of medicine in Panama. Is this a business you feel would be accepted or rejected in Panama? Would include different procedures to help overcome arthritis, chronic back and joint pain, headaches and much more. thank you for your replies.

First research the legal aspects. Some professions aren’t open to non-Panamanians and I think health care is one of them.

Hi Amy -

We have not yet relocated to Panama, but I noted your request. The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR)  is a medical association with some members that do provide pain management treatments. The SIR site lists two MD's in Panama, included below. Hopefully, this can be a resource for you, but it appears they focus on interventional oncology. All the best.



Hector H. Tapia, MD 50766737333
Ancon, Panama Oncology Institute


Maylin Ruiz 50764806735
Panama, Instituto Oncologico Nacional

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