Older Expats

Hi, I am new to Expat.com and in search of some information.

I would like to know if there are any people here who made the move later on in their lives?

I would like to hear about the process you followed and the obstacles you encountered.

I am considering moving to Vietnam (even if only for a couple years) but needs to do some serious research.

Thank you.

How late is "later on in life", and how old is an older expat?  Late 60s? Mid 70s? Early 80s?

Please don't say the number in your name is your birth year and you think you're an older person.   I don't want to feel depressed, not when the year is only 3 days old.

I will be 57 in April. And although I don't believe it is old, it certainly poses a problem when trying to find a job abroad.   Hence my post.

Ok, that makes things a bit clearer. So the next question would be, what line of work are you interested in.

I am in the financial/accounting field. Would make sense to look for something in the same line.

You may struggle finding work in those areas. You would need to be able to speak and read Vietnamese and also know how the system works in Viet Nam.  Best job choice would be teaching English.

Teaching is an option but don't I need a teaching degree for that?

You need a degree in any field plus a Tesol or Celta to work legally.

I doubt you will find too many opportunties in your field here in VN.

Sorry for jumping in...I'm pushing 70, I've' lived over here for 15 years.  A 'teacher's certificate' is normally required when teaching over here now.  They have online classes and depending upon the city you settle in you can attend classes.  You can get by with a BS degree and experience in teaching at some places.  I've got a couple degrees and have been an instructor most of my life.  I've taught TOEFL, TOEIC and Business Communications skills for most of these years, I did not look for a 'teacher's certificate' as I do not believe in what they stress.  I've been teaching at universities, business companies and for the last 4 years at my residence with permission from both the Ministry of Education and Department of Labor. 
How old is your mind...keeping busy and healthy is keeping yourself fit.  Age...just a three letter word...good luck.

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