EP rejected for company director

Posting on behalf of a friend. She is the director of a company that has been operating in Singapore for the past 7 years and was on an EP. However, her recent EP renewal application has got rejected. Reason MOM gave was because the company was not making enough revenue. Wasn't aware that there was such stringent rule for someone who has been operating the business in Singapore, to just get her EP renewed. Looking at possible ways to help her out - anyone that she could approach in order to get advise on how to proceed with an appeal if possible or other valuable advise.

If her salary is more than 12k per month or 144k per annum then she is eligible for Personal Employment Pass (PEP), where she doesn’t need any employer’s sponsor and if she lost her job then too can stay and search for a job in Singapore. fyi, if she is the director of a company which is under ACRA registration, then she may not be allowed (Believe, when you said that she is a director, that means she is one of the member in the board of directors panel, NOT as designation ‘director’ in a department). Good luck. Below link for more details:

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … quirements

In the view of MoM, companies have to earn the right to hire foreigners by contributing enough to the Singapore economy, society or job market.
Your friend's company could thus create more jobs for locals, or do anything else to change MoM's mind.
Or, if she is not just a director as employee, but in fact a (part-) owner of the company, she should apply for an EntrePass instead of an EP.


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