Purchasing Kindle ebooks while in KSA

hello everyone,

I'm an avid reader and wanted to know if any of you had experienced problems purchasing ebooks via Amazon?

If yes, what other sources were available to you?

Much thanks

No problems purchasing kindle books.

Easy workaround for items that have problems (such as PSN 1 year card on amazon) is to put a US address for shipping and billing.  I do that and then use my AMEX USD card (the card address is in the middle east but that doesn't matter).


I've had not such a pleasant experience with Amazon when my prime membership and account were suspended as I was banned from Amazon completely.

No wrongdoing on my part since I've used them since 03. Was finally reinstated after months of emailing but I figured the culprit may have been using kindle store while traveling in the Midweast even with using my authentic US address.

It happened to me as well many years back but if I recall it was due to credit card being flagged for some fraud risk.   I wasn't a prime member.

I don't think your ban is due to kindle books but actually is related to prime video/music.  If I recall correctly, prime gives you access to videos and quite a few of them have regional restrictions i.e. cannot be viewed outside the US? 

That's my theory anyway as I have been using kindle for the last 5-6 years in this region with an aramex shop and ship US address and a USD AMEX card out of Dubai / Bahrain banks.

No I'm quite sure it was kindle store because upon my return to New York and logging on from home I found a dozen of dictionaries on my list on my online account. Some that were Mandarin to English.... go figure

I didn't use a VPN or any other mediums to access my prime videos since I didn't need to being an Arabic language speaker longing for serials and comedies in Arabic.

Yet it did happen

But, given that incident and the amount of time it took to rectify and retrieve my gift cards I'm beyond careful to abide by the rules and regulations lest I lose them again

Thanks though

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