Shopping in Hoi An

Hello dear members,

I guess this could be an interesting topic. I invite all members in Hoi An (both locals & expats) to share their daily/weekly/monthly experience about shopping. You may also include some shopping tips/suggestions!

So can you please share with us:

>Where do you usually go for shopping?
(Shopping for basic products like Food, Vegetables, Meat)

>What are your favorite shopping malls/complex or boutique?
(Where you usually go to relax or to buy your clothing stuffs, shoes and other shopping related products!)

Awaiting for your contribution ;)

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When food shopping market food in Hoi An is the first stop, then a trip to Dingo Deli for all western supplies and a good cuppa coffee

Hello NorthFamily!

Thanks for your input ;)


Hello, You may have left or never went but what did you find to be the best way of shopping?

Definitely the local markets in your area (if you can try to avoid central market) and there are some great "Vietnamese" owned deli's and 7/11 stores ( in town, at tiger markets and at cua dai) where you can get everything you want at decent and fair prices.
cheers Kerre

We are new to town and haven't as yet found the tiger markets. Could you please explain where these are? I was also reading your info and you mentioned mr T. Again, where is this please? Regards

I am a local people in Hoi An. If someone go to Hoi An in coming time and have any inquiry for this topic, you can message to me. I am willing to show and let you know or how to go there... :)

Wife and I move to Hoi An in march 2016 and would appreciate your help (for a fee of course), where its best to do our daily market shopping. We are also maybe gonna buy a motorbike but can read that foreigners cant own motorbike in VN so need advice about this and other things. Hope to hear from you

I think you could do market shopping at Hoi An Market, Ba Le Market, Tiger Market, it's OK. depending on where you will stay.
I found many foreigners could buy a motorbike, ref on facebook: Da Nang Expats Sell, Buy & Auction
in case, you couldn't buy so you can rent for longtime maybe :).

Hi pipo and thx for your answer.

We will prob rent a house near Cau Dai road that we like. We know some markets in Hoi An but its just difficult to know how much to pay for meat, vegetables etc. without getting robbed ... hahaha

Talk to you later. Take care


As for getting to know Hoi An. Your first stop after arriving should be the Kebab Shack(look up on trip advisor) The place is run by an xpat Londoner who will give you all the low-down on where to go etc. He and his wife Ly-Anne  are delightful and very helpful. I wandered in there by accident and it was the best mistake I have ever made. As a bonus, the food is also great.
Welcome to Hoi An

Thanks Johannes, we will certainly pay the Shack a visit. I guess you are Nordic - I am from Denmark and have lived in Thailand for 2 years now. Look foreward to live in Vietnam, only been in VN 2 times earlier as a tourist.

Take care.


In my opinion, you should ask helping from local people,your landlord or anyone that you beleive. She could show you somewhere to buy with good price in first time and later you can go alone

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