crime rate in Sweden

Hello guys.
I have always believed that Stockholm is one of the best places for living on the earth and wanted to be a Sweden's citizen. These days I am getting ready to migrate there, but there are some little rumors about my beloved city which make me nervous.
It is said that during the Syria's war, there were more than 100,000 homeless and poor people who left their homes behind and migrated to the country. No offence, but the rumors say these people have brought violence as a souvenir to Sweden! It seems that these days being mugged, assaulted or raped in the middle of the day is a common thing and the city is not as safe as it was anymore!
Now please answer my question sincerely.
Are the rumors true?

The number's do indicate a higher rate of crime, although personally I haven't seen any crime personally in the time I have been here in Stockholm

Well there is crime in Sweden. Unfortunately I have been a victim of burglary in my apartment. Who did it, I would never know as Police closed the case as they couldn't find any leads. What I read is that crimes has increased in since last year. Who is to blame is certainly a question I can't answer.

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