Is 12500 MYR gross income in KUALA LUMPUR, enough for single

I have 6.5 years of experience getting 12500MYR per month which is included tax, eps everything.
How much will remain after deducting tax and eps etc?
And I Googled that the monthly rent will be minimum 3000,
Food 2000 and transportation 1000 MYR
If I go as per these calculation I am hardly saving 3000 MYR which is equal to 46000 Rs.

Also having job from India with gross 16 lakh per annum where after tax and all deductions monthly expenses can save double than Kuala Lumpur.

Please suggest? Should I go for India job or Kuala lumpur?

Check your job offer regarding EPF because foreigners are not usually included in this system.

Tax is 28% for the first 6 months as non-resident. The  difference between 28% and the progressive tax-resident rates is refundable at a later date.

Your tax deduction will be about RM1700 per month.

Depending on where the job is located, you may find accommodation for under RM3k. Utilities including phones will be max RM500

Food for home cooking will be about RM1k. Transport will probably be less than RM500 plus any grab/uber/taxi rides you need.

If you are an inquisitive person, who likes travel, exploring new places and meeting people, then take the job in Malaysia. But there will probably be some difficult times adjusting and learning the ropes in a new country. If you are Mr Cautious, take the one in India.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes EPF contribution is written in my offer letter.
Also my company location is near KLCC Jalan Pinang

Also how comfortable is it to live for North Indian Females?

Full EPF deduction is usually 11% from employee and 12% contribution by company

Accommodation in KLCC is quite expensive and RM3k is the minimum unless you flat share.

But EPF is saving right? I will get them as I get in India?
Yes I am planning to live in sharing. I really wanted to go once outside to travel and explore but only thing that is stopping me is it worth in this salary.

Your quick suggestion will help should I really take a chance, everyone here is suggesting that if you go outside India earn that much that you save more than you save in India.

The EPF is returned plus dividend when you leave Malaysia.

Thank you for all the details provided.
M still confused to accept the offer or not.

Hi Nupur,

I moved here last year from India. I would say 12500 is considered a decent income in Malaysia. If you are single and open to sharing condo, your expenses per month will be around 2500-3000 including everything. You can ping me directly in case of any more detailed questions.


Hello Nupur,

If it a contract opportunity more than a year you can accept it and if you have Niche skill set ask for 2000RM more and i'm also working in KLCC and its a contract position i'm getting daily billing so its well and good and you wind up your expenses in 1500 max if you are going to share a room in condominium with some other Indian girl , you can post in Facebook flatmates or you can good accommodation at brick fields which is near to little india. KL is a good place and untill unless you don't go in mess around very chilled people over here , and 12000 is not good opportunity as you are getting 16 l annum in India ask for 14 to 15. I'm SAP consultant and its my suggestion.

How about expenses for couple within same amount ?

Hi Nupur,

Please use numbeo website( … rrency=INR  ) for salary comparison in different cities. Max. expense is on room rent and you can get a very nice room under 1k MYR. Further you can save by live off center city but near LRT stations.

Being a north Indian,  i understand the dilemma but we can survive anywhere :) Its a good first exposure but if you're not getting what you want on a pay-cheque why leave your comfy zone!!

Best luck!

You can have a much better life in KL as compared to India in MYR 12500 monthly salary. The savings will depend on the sort of lifestyle you have. If you can restrict drinking and cook yourself, I guess there is no need to overthink about your move.

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