health care in siem reap no insurance

I have no travel insurance as i don't really live anywhere........what would an overnight sty in a hospital cost and the cost if say i broke a leg....i know bankbook is very good but i also know its very expensive

not used a doctor for many years do you have acupuncturists and homeopaths in siem reap

many thanks of any help

jeannie b

Not possible to answer your question re hospitals and broken legs.
There are referral [state] hospitals, private hospitals and private clinics.
They all have their differing prices so it's a matter of locally asking.
It also depends of what quality treatment you prefer.

Your second question: this is Cambodia, a third world country. Forget about what is available in your first world country and take what is available here. Acupuncture might be possible in PP, homeopathy is quite unknown in SE Asia except Malaysia. I have been a self-homeopath back in Europe and have tried everything to be able to buy homeopathic remedies, but to no avail. I get a few remedies through friends that bring it with them, getting it here is about impossible.

If you want state-of-the-art hospital treatment, go to the Royal PP hospital [subsidiary of Thai Bangkok Dusit hospital], probably the most expensive but also the best equipped and with well trained and knowledgeable mainly Thai doctors. I have been only there for my annual blood check but I was impressed by the smooth operation and all staff speaking English.



thanks for your answer.....have spent many years in asia and have always found homeopaths and expert care when needed which is rare.....and yes thank you know the hospitals in bankbook
many thanks

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