"Feels-like-home" places in Chicago from a European perspective

Hello  :cheers:
to all people in Chicago: I put together a list of my favorite spots in Chicago from a European perspective. As much as I love to explore the American culture it's just relaxing from time to time to go to a restaurant with really good ingredients and waiters who do not rush you :-)
If you are looking for such places in Chicago this article might be useful for you:

http://www.sharethelove.blog/travel-gui … n-chicago/
Do you know any other spots with similar attributes and with that I mean:
- fresh ingredients
- No 10 times asking whether everything is alright
- No check immediately after finishing dinner
- Ingredients which are not typically American

Would love to explore further places and to add to this list.

Happy weekend!

Hi Kate,
your blogpost is really amazing. I've been to Chicago about 4 years ago and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I stayed in the Wicker Park area what I heard is no very hip but also spent some time at the Ukrainian village where I went to a concert at the Empty Bottle, great venue. Also I like Dark Matter coffee way too much :)

Hi Lourdes,
thank you so much!
I love Wicker Area and Ukrainian village! Will check out Dark Matter coffee :-)
Greetings from Chicago!

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