Hello from the French Alps (via UK and New Zealand)

Hi, I'm Naomi,

I am currently living in Tignes, high in the French Alps. It's a seasonal town, busiest in ski season but also a fantastic place to be for summer holidays.  Between those seasons it's beautifully quiet :-) . I moved here with my husband and two children back in March last year. 

I'm originally  from the UK but lived in New Zealand 2002 to 2012.  I am now a citizen of NZ as well as still having my UK citizenship. My husband and children are also Swiss (a nationality I hope to be granted too).

We moved here because the UK is too busy, too sad and too grey! We were renting there, which is awful when you have children and pets. When we were asked to move out of our second rental as the landlords wanted to sell, I thought it was a better idea to come and live in our small studio apartment in the mountains - no one can throw us out!  So here we are...  My husband and I are business consultants and were fortunate to be able to retain our clients and work remotely.  I love the life of a digital nomad.

I'd love to connect with anyone in my area.

Hi Naomi,
it was nice to read your intro.  Sounds like you made a good choice for your family.  I'm Australian, my husband was born in Switzerland and he grew up in Australia and both our boys were born there.  We have done 2 x year long stays in the Swiss alps with our boys, although this trip may extend out to 2 years!  I'm not close enough to you (I'm near the Jungfrau in Switzerland) but we are thinking about going to Hossegor for the Summer season (still a long way from you the other way!).  What ages are your children? Mine boys are 10 and nearly 7.  I would love to hear if you have any information to share about the school system if your children are around the same ages as mine?  It was about 9-10 months before my 10 year old was really able to have a conversation in German, a lot longer for me!  I think my 6 year old knows quite a bit but a lot of the other children speak English so he doesn't get a lot of practice!  I know more French than German which is a drawcard for going to Hossegor.  The other is our love of the beach :)

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