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I am an American in Paris for another 8 months.  I'm seeking a volunteering activity, preferably something historic, where I can work with my hands and knowledge of machining/tools.  I know in France volunteering is looked upon differently than in the US but surely there must be a restoration effort somewhere I can help.  I don't speak French well so I would welcome this as an opportunity to practice and learn more.

I have a lot of knowledge of the history of science as well, but sadly Musée des Arts et Métiers does not have a volunteer program.  Beyond that, restoring historic machinery or even a building would make me happy.

I have a carte de sejour and carte vitale so it's 100% ok for me to do this kind of work for even for pay, but I'm happy to volunteer as well.

Any leads appreciated! 

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Hey Will,
Have you already tried websites such as workaway or helpx? I understand you mentioned your interest in volunteering and these websites offer some options. May not exactly fit in to your choice but worth a look.
Hope you get what you are looking for. All the best.

Hi everyone and welcome to

You could also post your an advert in the Volunteering job vacancies in Paris section of the website to get a better exposure.

Good luck


Hi there,

Sorry I did not see this before. I can recommend Work Away

Hello :)

Try AIESEC, a global youth led organisation. They have paid internships and volunteering. That’s how I found my volunteering in Paris :)

Good luck :)

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