Business Premises

I am looking to rent at least  150-200sq/metre max 400sq/m for food/ processing factory. Not retail or residential.

Must have at least 4 metre ceiling/roof height as well as 3 phase power. ( at least 65 amps)

Does any know of such availability or the name of a reputable commercial rental agent?

Area  preferably out of city centre/ Port louis.

Can any one advise how much I should be paying per sq/metre per month?

Check 'Lexpress Property' in the 'rent' section for commercial spaces.

However, finding suck a rental in the city center will be a difficult.

Such type of spaces are mostly located in the suburbs and industrial zones.

Prices depend on a number of parameters. Only a rental agent will be able to provide you with such information.

I would prefer to be out of the city or towns. A modernised/converted barn would suit me best.

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