Documentary about Third Culture Kids

Dear members of Expat forum,

We are two Dutch filmmakers, based in The Hague, researching a phenomenon called 'Third Culture Kids'. TCKs are teenagers and kids who are growing up in a different country or culture then their parents. For this project we would like to speak to families that would be so kind to talk about their experiences with TCKs. Are you interested to collaborate with us or do you know of families who are?

Please send us a message if you want to meet up: macheldrullens[at]

Kind regards,
Lisanne Hoogerwerf and Machteld Rullens

I don't know if you found someone yet. Have you contacted the FIGT NL affiliate? I'm an ATCk raising my TCKs here. Let me know if I can be of any help.
Kind regards, Ute

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