Golden Retriever To Vietnam, Recommendations, Places, Not in Saigon

Just a couple with a dog, our family. We cannot leave him behind while we travel. But sicken to the idea of someone kidnapping him, eating, and so on. What can we do here?

Is there a safer place that is no where near the city center?
How are apartments with dogs?

We cannot go a day without seeing him, hes our son.

We know further to the south they are more religious to Buddhist, which doesn't eat dog (assuming), whereas North or HCMC, eats dog.

I would love some thoughts and opinions


Are you bringing your dog from Canada?

Yes Canada.

As an animal lover, we would not dream of subjecting our pet to a trip like that and what about the return trip, would the dog have to go through quarantine?
We waited until we lost our pet at 24 years of age, before we traveled unless a family member would stay at our home while we were away, Skype was very useful at those times...

That is not an option sadly.
I plan to travel extensively and waiting until I’m “old” to start is not a very good option either.

Hopefully someone can give me some ideas of what owning a dog in Vietnam is like.

Is there a constant fear that your dog will get eaten, kidnaped?

Oh and Canada does not require quarantine

As you will have seen on the other forum, dognappings do happen and dog meat is for sale mostly in the locals market...
I imagine that your dog will be with you all the time, so a ride by dognapping, especially a large dog would seem unlikely...
As far as accomodation is concerned, maybe Airbnb might be the answer as you can message the host and ask if they would accept your dog, have seen some ads that say animal friendly...

Thank you

I stand corrected but i think Vietnam does not quarantine dogs.

It is very easy to bring a dog into Vietnam.

As for dog eating, the entire country eats them. Should not have prejudice if its North or South.

The principal of protecting your assets should apply to your pooch as well. If you do not take precautions to safekeep your kids, wallets, spouses, pets, etc..... you risk losing them forever.

You might like Vung Tau. Wide streets, little traffic, lots of beach.

In Saigon, some people have small dogs. Largest I ever saw was a Husky. I lived across from a park near Chinatown, which is true gritty inner-city, and I watched the same loose dogs, day after day. No one was chasing them with cleavers. (What was amazing was how traffic- savvy they were, I'm sure you've heard about the traffic.)

Dognapping: that is snatching Shih Tzus and Pomeranians for $1000 ransom, not for lunch.

If you are half as worried as you sound, you'll be nervous wrecks. Skip Vietnam. Thailand is a nice dog-friendly country. North of Trang that is, a whole different reason.

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