Setting up a company in Vietnam. What should I know?

I've been to see a lawyer and get a bit of a run down. I work online and I just need to be able to pay tax where I am living... That being Vietnam.  I've been recommended to set up a company with my Vietnamese partner, 99% ownership to me, paying 20% tax. Has anyone had experience setting up a company in Vietnam? How did it work out? What are the pros and cons? Feel free to private message me if you prefer. Thankyou.

Around 1.5 years ago, I worked with an American Client to set up a 100% foreign-owned company in Ho Chi Minh city. He paid for a law service 5100 USD and I helped him with running paper work after the company was set up.

I have heard from a Filipino guy in Hanoi and he paid 2500 USD for a law service to set up an English centre.

I assume that you will get similar run down if you meet more lawyers. Beside the service fee, there are lots of paperwork to sign. The German lawyer who owned a law service in Ho Chi Minh city told us that: at first when he set up his company, every time his assistant asked him to sign a document to set up the company, he asked her to translate so he knows what he signs. But afterward, since it was too much, he just signed without asking.

I'm not sure if this answer (one part of) your question.

Thanks. The service fees I've been quoted are 3500USD and 250USD for my partner. That's fine. I've been using the lawyer for some time and happy with his services. I am not aware though of being able to set up a 100% foreign owned business.

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