Looking for Business Ideas & Partner

Hi All,

Does anyone have some good business ideas. Preferably something we can start in Phnom Penh.

Kindly feel free to discuss. This will be treated as confidential.


Hi Shan,

Please drop an advert in the appropriate section of the website so that you might get some offers : Business partners in Phnom Penh

All the best,

Thanks! Will do :)

Hi Shan
I have some business plans here in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) . there are good opportunities and chances to start up the business. so please stay in touch. here is my email address : ***

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Just walked home from my class again (as I myself do because I like the exercise, but that's just me) and I can suggest a business that must be working and making lots of money for people going by the fact that I see it every day all day...buy a tuk tuk and rent it out to people on the street.
Make sure everyone near you knows that you have a tuk tuk for hire.  Tell everyone near you explicitly.

When someone walks past yell out tuk tuk and raise your hand in the air and get in the drivers seat.  Why else would someone be walking past you?
When you see someone trying to cross the road, especially a barang, float across and stop your tuk tuk in front of him.  Make sure that you were at the end of a group of cars so that you are blocking him while there is a break in the traffic.  Tell him this is a tuk tuk and you will take him.  Why else would anyone be standing at the side of the road looking like they want to cross the road?  Of course they would rather get into a tuk tuk and be driven around.
Park your tuk tuk at a market, and wait at the entrance for people to walk out.  Tell everyone walking out that YOU have a tuk tuk and will take them.  Make sure you get them before they get a chance to see the other stalls outside, just in case they might want to stay and walk around a bit more.

I think with the tips above you are sure to do well.  Why else would they keep doing all those things?

Let me know if you need some more tips on this sure thing business.


I had the palm sugar the best product in Asia now i am looking for the other country to sale my product or cooperation partner so we can make a business if anyone interest please contact me thank.


I am now also looking for a business partner. Let's meet up some times soon in Phnom Penh to talk if we have any common goal.


Dear Mr.4G
Noted with thanks for your idea on transportation Tuk Tuk service. but there are many Tuk Tuk driver in Phnom penh. and now there is a Indian tuk tuk using pass app. which can get more customers then Khmer Tuk Tuk.

You are right. There will be even more competition as Grab taxi services took over Uber and will start in PP with not only taxis, but also motorbikes (motodops) and rickshaws.

You can read my experiences with PassApp in PP here https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=762162

To those tuktuk drivers that are refusing the rickshaws or tuktuks from this app: the fares are lower but you get many more customers. You can work at the hours that suit you, if you have a job you can work after your working time, it's all very flexible. If you see the growing amount of rickshaws in PP you know it is good business, the enormous and too large fleet of tuktuks blocking every street corner, shouting at every guy that walks like he is too stupid to know there are tuktuks, and overcharging customers other than expats, will be reduced to acceptable proportions.

If I would want to get in business in PP, I would buy 5 or more rickshaws and join one of the two apps that bring customers to me, it is the future. On top the rickshaws are smaller so easier in heavy traffic, they are safer as you sit inside, they are cleaner as they have a wind screen so no more dust in your eyes, and I think they are safer for females traveling at night, as car, driver, customer, pick up and destination are known and the vehicle is trailed by GPS.


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My name is Karl. I live in Australia, I am retired now, but used to design and build holiday accommodation.
I recently went to Sihanoukville and stayed at Otres 2 beach.
The location is terrific, but the accommodation lacks to address western expectation.
I believe that with the Chinese investment this area will be booming.
I am looking for some one to discuss lease, building prices etc.
maybe you could help me in this regard..
Look forward to hearing from you
Cheers, Karl
My e mail address is ***

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I'm looking for an investor for the first aluminum boat building business in Cambodia. After 17 years boat building in Thailand I now see that Cambodia currently has less restrictions, more opportunity and a better business environment.  I have good contacts and a new location in Kampot.
Looking for investment in exchange for shares 15% = $150,000, 35% = $300,000. Can send the business plan if you are interested but please email me at ***

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i m interested to hear a buisness proposal 
and investment needed to start the buisness
i m currently in india new delhi
i m planning to come in december dis month only
if ur plan is good we can work on buisness proposal..
thnx n regards

I am interested to join venture in business at Cambodia. Any good proposal ?

Boat [aluminum] rental/tour business - Kampot first then Phnom Penh, pm me if interested.

Am more into f&b and budget hostel or hotel.

Good luck with that, but there's a lot of competition...

Dun know how it work for your trade. Can I know more ? And also what are the numbers to invest ?

Hi read that you have business plans in Cambodia. Can pm more details? Thanks

I think she was being sarcastic... :)

Hey, everyone. How about an idea of business on streets such as mini bikes rental. That is what I do now. All you need is mini bikes (for example geeklah.com/best-mini-bike-reviews.html ) You will also need a person who will give bikes in rent to people. And that is all. It pays off pretty quickly.

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