Is Marikina Expat Friendly

My Girlfriend lives in Marikina and she insists it is expat friendly area, is this true? If not any places that you recommend that is?
Metro Manila area excluding Makati

Marikina is a nice place to live for expats. But be sure you are not living closed to the Marikina river... some subdivisions can be flooded along this river.

Beware of corrupt extorting Marikina cops, especially Commander's.

I was living in Marikina for several years, I did not have any problems with cops. The former mayor Bayani Fernando was very strict with cops. Corrupt cops are everywhere in PH and should not be a criteria for choosing your place... if not I don't know where you can go in the PH  :D

All of Marikina floods, not just near the river. Marikina was built on swampland and I got stranded for 21 hours there during Typhoon Ondoy.

Ondoy was exceptional!

Thx guys for the replies, perhaps I might be able now convince my GF to move into one those fancy condos I was eyeing haha :).

Another question, any good recommendations of places to live in Marikina? Pet friendly place preferably a condo because my gf has a shit zu and from my understanding some places do not allow pets at all.

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